Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Say ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Dress: COS (Similar-ish here) | Shoes: Jessica Buurman | Bag: Red Valentino (Similar-ish here) | Sunglasses: Karen Walker
Earrings: Mango (Similar here) | Brooch: Vintage (Similar here) | Necklace worn as bracelet: Vintage (Similar here) | Ring: ASOS (Similar-ish here

I hate visiting the dentist. Sorry Dr. Chin. No offense but I just really really really don't like being prodded in the mouth while a suction thingy makes my feel like gagging. I don't think anyone really enjoys a dental scaling all that much (unless they're crazy weird) but a good dentist and nice dental practice makes a huge difference.

I go to T32 Dental Centre every 6 months like the well behaved child that I am. It's located at Camden Medical Centre which is so convenient - you could go in for a dental scaling and come out with a new face by Woffles Wu if you so please.

There are several reasons why I like T32:
A few days before my scheduled appointment, the receptionist will call to remind me. This is helpful because I always forget things.
'Come here. We do things to your mouth'
They are super organised - when you come in for your appointment, the receptionists will greet you cheerfully and inform you to wait in the waiting lounge. When it's all over, you go to yet another desk to make payment. My OCD spider sense is tingling.
Greetings! Reception counter on the right
Lounge here in the waiting lounge
The waiting lounge is fancy pants. They have a wine fridge and free drinks and they have art hanging on the walls and fancy chairs to sit in and music plays softly. It's almost like a hotel lobby. 
Free drinks!
WINE LEH. Excuse me front desk, can I order takeaway?
Fancy art + fancy high chairs = HIGH CLASS
They're very very punctual. I don't think I've ever had to wait longer than 5 minutes in the lounge before being escorted by the nurse into one of the rooms for the dental procedure. 
Come here and get comfy
As it's on the penthouse level of Camden, it's got a killer view which is nice when you really can't do much else when your mouth is being drilled into and all you want to do is swallow really hard.
Awesome view. Think happy thought. Think happy thoughts
Dr Chin has really good bedside manner and explains everything he does before doing it so you don't think that you're the guinea pig of some mad scientist's experiment. Thankfully he doesn't keep talking and asking random questions that you feel obliged to answer while his fist is jammed in your mouth. I had a dentist who did that and all my answers were like 'mrrrrffhhhhmmmmrrrhhhhh'. Like seriously dude. Bonus: Dr. Chin is handsome!
6-eyed alien but still HAMSUM!
They believe in technology. They've got screens in each of the rooms which unfortunately is not for TV watching but rather for you to stare at the X-rays of your mouth so you can remark on how many fillings you had. Deep candy-induced shame spiral happens here but come on, it's the future yo.
It only takes about 30 minutes and I'm done with the dental scaling, I have a nice clean mouth and I'm still alive thankgodI'mstillalivehallelujah!!!
Always a good time for a selfie.
Anyway, if you're looking for a nice place to get your mouth cleaned, I highly recommend T32!

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Monday, 6 July 2015

Minty fresh

Blazer: Borrowed from Mousie (Similar here) | T-shirt: Zara (Similar here) | Jeggings: Padini (Similar here)
Necklace: Twentyeight Lane (Similar here) | Ring: Vincci (Similar here) | Clutch: New Look (Similar here) | Shoes: Rock Candy (Similar here


We all experience periods differently but mine usually turns me into a ravenous sulky beast for about a week before it hits, then I’m a crampy bloated pizza face for the duration of it. Oh, also, I get dandruff. This is the worst because I tend to wear a lot of black when I'm on my period and it becomes really obvious that my head is turning into a flaky puff pastry.

Anyway, I mentioned before that I use Matrix Biolage shampoo and conditioner but now, to combat the head snow, I’ve started using Matrix Biolage Scalp Sync antidandruff shampoo when I'm on my period. It is GREAT. The shampoo is a little bit minty, but it has quite a subtle smell so it doesn't feel like I've rubbed mint leaves on my head. It makes the scalp feel cool and tingly which is really refreshing and perfect to wake me up in the morning. I recommend you try it, whether you have dandruff or not. 
Nacho recommends it (but I don't use it on him)
Anyhoodle, I can't stay long. I've gotta go wash my hair. Ciao for now. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Oops I did it again

Top: Smooch the Label | Skirt: Kate Spade (Similar here) | Shoes: River Island (Similar here) | Bag: Celine (Similar here)
Sunglasses: Pieces | Earrings: Vintage (Similar here) | Bracelet: Old (Similar here) | Ring: Vincci (Similar here)   

So it would appear that I may have worn this top backwards, but I'm not feeling too bad about this simply because I'm pretty sure I've made worse mistakes than this and also I think it looks fine and at least I ain't flashing.

Certain moments in my life spring to mind which make me cringe but also serve to remind me about how far I've come (I hope). Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I didn't always take a lot of pictures so I don't have all those moments recorded but here are some of the ones I've found. I guess it would actually make more sense to destroy the images rather than put them online for all the world to see for eternity but since I'm a masochistic idiot, here ya go...
My balance is still terrible
Granted these were my PJs and I was in my apartment in Montreal... But this was taken when a guy I was trying to impress came over with some friends to make pancakes for breakfast. Although I guess I can say I wasn't trying too hard to impress so that makes me cool right? But look at those glasses. And the hair. And the overall vibe. Just. No.
Bali babe
This was in Bali, I cropped my aunt out because I'm not sure if she'd want to be shown next to such a hideous troll. This was in my 'sporty' phase so I wore a lot of cheap board shorts and white tees. This was totally my uniform. Plus that hair. I look like a re-fried Justin Bieber.

So shiny.
My door bitch days involved a lot of sparkle. I look like an extra in a low budget rendition of some musical that's never gonna make it to broadway.

This is like that scene in The Shining but not on purpose
Pic from here
I only recently chucked out this dress and my friends asked me, 'when would you even wear this??' because it's so tight and so short. Skank alert! There should have been an axe of common sense and dignity crashing through the door to get at me.
Bridge troll
I was in Bintan so beachy dress + leggings to keep the mozzies away. Or maybe because it was basically sheer under light. Hip belt because those days it was all about the hip belts and it gave me a balloon effect so I looked like a marshmallow stuck on two sticks.

A lot of 'why?' in this.
I look like the cross between a clown and a mime. I wore these suspender pants all the time like they were going outta style. Too bad for me, I didn't realise they were NEVER in style. 
This photo is not cropped.
This had to be one of my worst. I don't have a full length photo but imagine this pattern but it goes all the way down to my ankles ending as a jumpsuit. A shapeless tube jumpsuit that cinches around the ankles. In this pattern. I once wore it and my mom asked me whether I was going to get dressed because she thought I was still in my PJs. I wore it out and my classmate wrinkled her nose when she saw me which conveyed the notion of 'what on this glorious earth have you chosen to wear???'. Also, if you are wondering why I have a photo of my chest... I do not know. But in this series of photos taken, I have 2 other photos of my friends' chests. Just their chests. I might have been a pervert.

Okay, gonna go hide in shame now. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Germ busters

Top: Uniqlo | Skirt: ASOS (skirt's sold out but get the top) | Shoes: YRU (Similar here) | Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Bag: Y-3 (Similar here) | Necklace: Tatty Devine | Ring: V&A Museum (Similar here)  

As a particularly weak individual, I fall prey to germs quite easily so I'm often down with some ailment or another. When I get sick, I go on the offense big time. I turn into a walking pharmacy and the following are my must-haves for battling a sore throat or a cough.

If I feel a little itch in the throat... Out comes the Danzen which you can buy off the shelf from pharmacies like Watsons or Guardian. It's a little anti-inflammatory drug that you can take 3 times a day and I don't know if it works but I think part of the fight is psychological innit? I BELIEVE it works and so I feel better.
Little pink pills of goodness
Then the battle rages on with Ho Yan Hor, a black herbal tea that tastes somewhat unpleasant (although not bitter) but works wonders. It's very cooling, as we Singaporeans like to say. For the non-Singaporean, I don't know how to describe it but I suppose it's also anti-inflammatory? Like, if your insides were on fire, then this would be the fire extinguisher.
The boo's mom introduced this to me.
I learned this from the boo who swears by it: gargle with mouthwash to cool that throat and kill icky germs. This Pearly White mouthwash is great because it feels kind of gentle on the throat still. Some mouthwashes tend to be really acidic feeling, as if I just stripped my throat of a layer of lining. Ew.
Minty fresh breath + germ killing = power
My go-to supplement whenever I feel poorly is Echinacea. Momster used to make me drink it in a liquid form which was disgusting. Imagine drinking the liquified bark of the most angry tree in the forest of bitterness and sorrow. Nowadays I just take the pill which doesn't smell great but I swear this thing is the bomb. I don't have a preference for any specific brand, I just like it cheap. Lol.
Tree bark, no bite
Anyway, it's durian season now (YUM!!!) so it's pretty much the right time to be stocking up on these things, although I hope you won't have to resort to using them.

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Monday, 29 June 2015

Miss No

Jumpsuit: Smooch the Label | Cape-blazer: Smooch the Label | Shoes: Shutz (Similar here
Bag: Mango (Similar here) | Ring: Jessica Buurman | Sunglasses: Karen Walker 

My mother always said 'no' was my favourite word.

'Want to try some [fruit that looks like the love-child of a hedgehog, a shoe and a piece of wood]?' 
'Want to go to [cool place where people will be and socialising will take place]?'
'Want to play [fun game that will ultimately make me look like a wobbly noob]?' 
Totally my face
Pic from here
I said a big 'no' to wearing jumpsuits but here I am, wearing a jumpsuit. I couldn't help it. I succumbed to the cool print and the overall fashiony vibe. But I have to say, as cool as it is, it felt really ridiculous every time I went to the washroom. Undressing and then dressing yourself every time you need to pee is both silly and exhausting. And I drink a lot of water. I also have a slight fear that I forget to lock the door and someone walks in on me in nothing but my underwear. Or that the fire alarm goes off and I don't have enough time to get properly attired before running out of the burning building of doom.

Perhaps I should just save this piece for special occasions that last maximally 2 hours.

Anyway, here are a list of sartorial no's in my book. But I'm in a jumpsuit so who k(no)ws?

The-Emperor's-New-Clothes gown
Pic from here
Maybe if my bod were as rocking as Beyonce's then we'd be in business, but I just don't understand this sheer trend. It's like paying a lot of money for very little fabric.

The unitard
Pic from ASOS
Oh come on, even the name is stupid. I suppose I might wear this if I decide to turn to a life of burglary or ballet. Burglary seems much more likely. I have the grace of a drunken sea cucumber. 

Tie-dye anything
Pic from here
I just can't. If I had to describe my style as what it is not, I would start with 'Not hippie' first. 

Velour tracksuit
Pic from here
Maaaaaaybe I'd wear something like this in black on a plane... But I doubt it. I just can't carry this look off. Although I had a classmate in uni who wore these all the time, in so many different colours. I don't know why she never felt hot/like she was wearing pjs.

Anyway, not to be a hater, I think if you wear these things, then good on ya, I'm sure you look bangin' but I just can't imagine them on myself. But I said the same thing about jumpsuits, so I guess only time will tell.

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