Monday, 17 April 2017

Spring in bloom


Doing my best hair ad hair-toss

Then a quick change into something more comfortable

Greetings and happy belated Easter to all you spring bunnies! If you love flora but hate the heat, check out the air-conditioned indoor flower domes of Gardens by the Bay. I had a lovely lunchtime visit with my buddy Samson who sacrificed his lunch to take these photos. Check out his work at or follow him on Instagram.

Spring is frequently associated with rebirth and renewal and it certainly feels like I’ve gone through some kind of rebirth of thought. Basically, I’m way crazier now. You can bandy around “dirty” words like “feminist”, “activist” and “eco-warrior” because I totally am. Or at least, I’m trying to be.
Am I pushing an agenda? Probably. But it’s my blog so get ready to be pushed.

I blame two people for my rebirth – David Attenborough, for his wonderful BBC Earth series that made me want to preserve the beauty of nature, and my tree-hugging friend Char who opened my eyes to the fact that we’re poisoning ourselves with chemicals. Being an idea extremist, I decided that I had to be tree + animal hugging so I’ve decided that aside from aiming for that organic eco-sustainable lifestyle, I also have to fight against animal testing so here I am, taking a very minuscule stand against wastage and big businesses who profit off products that are tested on animals – Goodbye Maybelline eyeliner! Goodbye Makeup Forever setting powder and eyebrow pencil! Goodbye my favourite Peter Thomas Roth CC cream (L)! GOOD RIDDANCE TO YOU!

What all this means is:
  1. I am phasing out products that are tested on animals as much as possible
  2. I am replacing said products with products that are preferably eco-friendly (eg. recycled plastic packaging, biodegradable, etc), organic, and not from companies that test on animals
  3. I am trying to reduce my carbon footprint by being more aware of my consumption habits and making small adjustments to reduce waste
  4. I am making more of an effort to reuse and recycle where possible
  5. I am becoming a larger pain in the butt by nagging at my family to follow in my footsteps, while also becoming increasingly unbearable due to my obnoxious bragging about my lifestyle change, which you are bearing witness to right now
I’ll be honest, I don’t think my actions will ever really make much of a difference, but I guess I like the idea that even though I’m not doing enough, I’m doing my best. At the end of the day, I just want to know that I’ve tried to take some positive steps in saving this planet and its creatures.

I hope you will consider joining me in this personal crusade, or at least spreading this message. So maybe together we can make a difference, or at the very least, we can discover and share kick-ass organic and cruelty-free products that make us ridiculously good-looking.

Thanks for reading!

Ps. If you want to join the cruelty free crusade, check out Cruelty Free Kitty to get started. It’s got a list of cruelty-free brands and suggestions on where to shop for products. On that note, check out iHerb for a buttload of organic products not just for your head and body but also for your home. 

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Will you be my Valentine?

Soooo I'm a little late to post this... But happy belated V day for all you romantic folks out there.

Another event day photo series courtesy of @7braidstrong/ to commemorate Valentine's Day although I don't actually celebrate it. Okay, so just an excuse to take a couple of photos. I think we've reached some peak moodiness here. Love it!

So on this special day for lovers, let's talk about love, shall we?

I love a lot of things/people/experiences that exist at present in my life - clothes, shoes, dogs, exercise (it's a love-hate thing), great movies and music, my friends and family, so on and so forth, but there are a couple of things I absolutely would love to have but I sadly do not. The list below is not exhaustive (obviously) and it doesn't include things like "having all the money in the world" and "eating as much as I want without putting on any weight or getting a heart attack" because duh, plus those are too obvious:
  1. The ability to make my dog, Nacho poop on command. Instead, he has to take a really long time deciding on the right spot, and sniff and mark on everything, regardless of rain or shine. 
  2. You know those Transition lenses, those that change in different lighting conditions to protect your eyeballs from evil UV rays? It would be cool if I had transition lens eyeballs instead because I always forget my sunnies so self-adjusting eyeballs would be cool.
  3. It would be swell if I could just not drop anything for one frickin' day in my life. I could win an award for being a klutz, total butterfingers here.
  4. The magical skill of being able to make fruit the perfect stage of ripeness at the point at which I intend to consume it. Sames goes for making food that's gone soggy/laohong to be unsoggy/unlaohong. Food at the perfect stage is important to me. 
  5. I'd love to be able to sing and dance well. I cannot do both. It pains me deeply. Watching La La Land filled me with waves of unfulfilled desire for a talent that shall never be.
  6. How rad would it be if the body came with an internal alarm that notifies your brain when you're at the peak happy-fun alcoholic state so you know never to surpass it and thus avoid ever having to suffer the next day?
  7. I wish I had the power to have the basic synopsis (minus spoilers) for movies delivered to my brain via magic brain waves upon request.
  8. I would love if all the stuff in bottles (like makeup, conditioner, etc) would just not stick to the bottle. Like y'know towards the end, you'll be like squeezing that shiz out and tons of it just sticks to the side of the bottle? Yeah, if it would just not do that, that'd be swell. 
  9. My dream feet - the kind that never get blisters. No plasters/socks/apparatus needed. Just unblisterable feet. Yup, that's a word now.
  10. Self-cleaning makeup brushes. Actually, self-cleaning everything. I'm sick of chores!
Okay I've gotta stop here, this list could go on pretty much forever. Hope your would-love-list isn't as lengthy as mine. Here's to hoping that your would-love-list is far surpassed by the list of all the things in your life that you already have! 

Happy Valentine's Day lovers, thanks for reading!   

Friday, 27 January 2017

Happy Lunar New Year

My buddy Samson aka @7braidstrong ( shot all these photos and rushed to edit them in time for Chinese New Year because apparently I'm a slave driver. Poor dude has a wife, a kid, a full-time job, a side gig in photography, and here I am bossing him about to give me awesome photos. Muchos gracias. I wish I could feel bad but I don't because I love all his work. If you're looking for a photographer, get in touch with him.


I hope the year of the rooster is an auspicious and prosperous one for you and your loved ones! I personally have never been all that traditional but as I grow older, I definitely have begun to appreciate this festive season more, and care for what it means - MONEY. LOL.

I had to lead the lohei at my family's reunion dinner (which is definitely not like any other reunion dinner - we had tortillas and tacos, and we invited a whole bunch of random non-Chinese folk) and while I'm pretty sure reading it off some page I found on google is kind of lame and my Chinese accent was all off, I felt this need to show off my Chinese-ness while also realising that basically every step in the lohei is about money, wealth, valuables, gold, more money, more wealth, and prosperity. Duuuuude we need to get a grip.

Nonetheless, I had a great time sharing a part of my culture with people who might have been largely unfamiliar with this aspect. I hope they left dinner with some new insights ("we LOVE money") and yusheng is delicious.

Thanks for reading, may it bring you big money.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


A huge thank you for Samson (insta: @7braidstrong, web: for the Christmas themed photos! It is always a delight to be photographed by you.

Hello! I can't believe the year has flown by and it's Christmas again! I'd like to wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas! It's likely going to be my last post for 2016 so it's time to give a little thanks...

I'd like to give a shout out to my friends and family - thanks for putting up with my weirdness and grumpiness. I know I can be challenging with my bossy nature and intense need for order, so it's not easy dealing with me but I hope it brings you some consolation knowing that I couldn't have gotten through 2016 without you and you make my world brighter by being in it. 

To my enemies, a pox on you! I'm kidding. If I've offended anyone this year, sorry!! I hope we will mend whatever's broken, hug it out and become routine fist-bumpers. 

To the strangers, what are ya waiting for? Let's be friends!

Anyway, I'm off to stuff my face with more turkey so I'll sign off here. I hope you enjoy your holiday season with your loved ones and look to 2017 with anticipation because I have a feeling it's gonna be a good one.

Thanks for reading!