Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Blue is the warmest colour

Dress: Far East Plaza
Shoes: Rebecca Sanver | Bag: Prada
Spiked necklace: ASOS | Love necklace: Zalora | Ring: Vincci

I'm carrying a frame and standing next to a bathtub. Sometimes things don't make sense.
When I was younger and (more) foolish, I had a raging shoe addiction that resulted in me purchasing several pairs of shoes regardless of whether they fit or not just because ohmygodsocuteIneedthisnow. I remember buying a pair of sequinned sneaker heels (mega lian power activate!) which were 2 sizes too small and walking was practically impossible but I had this outfit that matched so come on, you know how it is. No?

Nowadays, I buy things that are me-sized but today's dress reminded me a little of my past because it's made of a very snug heavy material which made it hard for me to lift my arms and it made me kind of hot and sweaty as if I was being continuously hugged by a really weak person. But hey, it's fayshun right?

Thanks for reading! Weak hugs for all, in the name of fayshun!

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