Saturday, 7 June 2014

I heart cutouts (and Fridays)

Dress: MDS Collections

Escue me miss, are you a moder?

Shoes: Koumi Koumi

Bag: Calvin Klein Jeans
Watch: Swatch | Bracelet: Agnes B | Ring: Aldo

My love for flashing skin (see first post for evidence) continues to this day apparently. Years ago, I bought an expensive cotton tank top with side cutouts for a whopping $200 (it was half off okay so it's practically saving $200 if you think about it. Suuuure)! Someone asked me if it was cheaper because it had holes in it. Dammit it's fayshun man shuddup.

Although the prices don't get slashed along with the material, I've come to my senses and no longer spend a ton on too expensive pieces (unless really really really worth it. Suuuuure) which leads me to this dress. I got it from a local blogshop so it was affordable and I really dig the cutouts (which I think is pretty modest when it comes to showing skin) and the pixelated heart prints.

I paired the dress with some heart cutout shoes which goes to show how much of a slave I am to a theme. Plus the hearts are a way for me to declare my love for Fridays because it means I get to be a pigu (a mix between a butt and a pig) for 2 days and not move at all. TGIF!!!*

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with skin flashing and being a major pigu if that's what makes you happy!

* I drafted this on Friday but went to watch Edge of Tomorrow instead of blogging. The movie was kind of dumb.

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