Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Stud muffin

Welcome to my white picket fence! (Dress: Barney's Originals)
Here is the left side
And that concludes the tour of the fence.
Necklace: Mango | Earrings: Quintessential
Bag: Nine West | Belt: Charles & Keith
Let's talk about feet baby... 

Today, my boss looked at my feet and said, 'Your shoes are ugly. And they don't match your outfit.' My response was the oh-so-witty 'Your face doesn't match your outfit'. Ssssnap! (Yes. I need better comebacks.)

And then, a colleague who met me in the hall said, 'you have weapons on your feet!' and I responded, 'yes, so I can kick people who annoy me.', and followed that with an illustrative karate kick. (What?? I don't even... Why would I do that????)

Anyway, I had been pining for a pair of Valentino Rockstuds for a while but because I am not made of money and magic, I couldn't bring myself to part with about US$1500 of my hard earned office lady money for a pair! So I searched online for a cheaper solution to my sorrow and tadah I found it! Thank you China for shoes that are 'inspired by' branded shoes. I know they ain't real but I'm happy because they're unique and have preeens (prints) and studs therefore they are cool in my books.

Thanks for reading! You are also cool in my books.

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