Monday, 9 June 2014

The ladybug

Top: Axara | Skirt: ASOS | Belt: Fornarina
Bag: Chat chat | Shoes: London Rebel
Earrings: Cyn's circa 1970
I wear my heart on my tummy and finger and I carry it under my armpit

This is my come-hither look in case you didn't realise. *shudder*

I saw a picture of a friend's friend on Facebook recently and I was blown away. The woman in the photo looked like a rock 'n' roll Dita Von Teese - wearing a studded leather jacket, polka dotted scarf and lace gloves. Her eyes were lined with dramatic cat eye eyeliner and her arms were covered in tattoos.

I wanted to channel that sexy vibe, minus the tattoos, leather and lace because it's a little tiny bit too OTT for work. But as I was doing my best strut (read: walking like a monkey) to the pantry, it dawned on me that I actually looked kind of... ladybug adjacent.

Thankfully ladybugs are pretty cute compared to other insects.I mean, what if I had decided to channel Maleficent and ended up looking like a cockroach?

Thanks for reading. I hope you look like the chioest of bugs if you are also rocking a bug look.

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