Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The shoppers guide to the galaxy

Crop top + skirt: ASOS
Earrings: Diva
Bag: FCUK | Shoes: Vincci
Watch: Swatch | Ring: Gift from Cyn
Be kind to animals
 As a busy worker bee, I don't have much time to shop so I've turned to online shopping in a big way, much to the dismay of my bank account.While there are downsides to online shopping (makes you look like a cow, feels like sandpaper, etc), there can also be pleasant surprises too. Like this outfit, When I bought it on ASOS, I thought it was a dress but it turned out to be a crop top and midi-skirt connected by large round buttons to make it a dress. I am clearly not very observant because I didn't realise this upon purchase but I'm happy because it feels like two for the price of one!

So as a self-proclaimed online shopping expert, here are my online shopping tips which you probably already know since you weren't born in a cave of no logic:
  1. Read the descriptions.
  2. Ogle at the picture and consider how great the model looks then minus about 30%-50% of the greatness to imagine how it might look on a mere mortal if you're a short and not stick-thin human like me. 
  3. Watch them strut the runway if video is provided because then you can pick up tips on how to look cool while walking in said desired clothes.
  4. Buy the size that you actually are, not what you want to be. Unless you're a superhuman who can lose weight by just breathing (in which case, please tell me your secrets oh great one!)
  5.  Look at the price. Cry. Look at the price again. Cave in and whip out your credit card. 
Thanks for reading my young Padawans, you are most welcome, happy shopping! 

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