Friday, 27 June 2014

Thinking outside the box

Top: River Island | Skirt: Bloomingdale's
Bag: Betsey Johnson
Watch: New Look | Rings: Lovisa | Shoes: Keds
TGIF AMMIRITE??? I took the dress down Friday opportunity to showcase my awesome boxy dice bag and shoe print skirt. I think these cute pieces were the pick me up I've needed because, as the lowest on the food chain, as my boss often tells me, I've been tasked with working on a presentation deck that has my brain all jumbled.

The words floating about my little pea brain at the moment are:
Integration, commercialisation, platform, ghiugftiweosf, gfweiaushbxdbgvyust, iosadfhyciudsg....

Oh sorry. I think my brain broke there for a second.

Anyway, the work day is over so I will hopefully resume some coherent word processing on Monday.

Till then, thanks for reading, have a super awesome weekend and dahiufsahgedgghbfgsdiuohsdgvn jggghkjhafgn!^%$#!! 

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