Thursday, 12 June 2014

Work trip itinerary

Lean on walls like a cool person. Pants: Uniqlo
People watch. Shirt: Far East Plaza | Blazer: Armani Exchange
Drink kopi
Drink more kopi. Rings: Gift from Cyn

Stand around. Bad shot but deal wit' it. Shoes: Pedder Red
I hardly ever wear pants because I get hot easily and am a sweaty human being but this whole getup is my go-to outfit for business trips because it's super comfy and professional. Plus it makes me feel like a cool person to be wearing a slightly androgynous all black outfit. 

On a previous trip to KL, I wore this outfit and was doing that whole cool swagger down the aisle of the plane as if I was Singapore's Next Top Model and I was certain all the seated passengers were staring in awe. Then another passenger gestured over to me and I thought, 'must be an autograph seeker'. Actually, I thought maybe he thought I was an air stewardess because clearly logical thought doesn't enter my brain. Anyway, he then proceeded to tell me that one of my buttons at my chest had come unbuttoned. Free peep show!

Instead of saying something cool, or even thanking him, I cursed a particularly uncouth Hokkien swear word and rushed to my seat in shame as my face started glowing bright red. VERY COOL.

Status report for today's trip: Meetings went well, no unexpected boob appearances.

Thanks for reading, business can resume as per normal.   

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