Wednesday, 2 July 2014

It's a three-peat

Dress: ASOS (belt came with dress)
Shoes: Velvet
I was being eaten alive by mosquitoes so I couldn't take close ups of the rings but they're from Lovisa and Diva
Bag: Gracious Aires | Watch: Something Borrowed
So if you've been stalking my blog with keen eagle-eyes (that means you Dell and Wens), you would realise that I've worn metallic pointy-toed pumps three days in a row. What can I say? I just love them. Recently, on a particularly vapid day, I decided that I would attempt to wear shoes that I think are more interesting than the usual black or nude pump.Yeah, some people research cures for cancer, some people campaign for education for girls, and I... Wear shoes. Alex for Nobel Prize?

At my previous job, I wore the same pair of black flats with everything, and then changed into flip flops and stomped around the office. That was a really relaxed place - one of the interns came into the office wearing denim shorts and a t-shirt on casual Friday. Apparently I was working for Slum-Bums Pte Ltd.

Thanks for reading, slum-bums of the world unite!   

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