Thursday, 10 July 2014

Love list

Top: Axara | Skirt: Tracyeinny
Bag: Y-3 | Shoes: Far East Plaza

Earrings: Far East Plaza
The pout + smile = 'smout' (Beat that, Tyra)
Shoes got absolutely destroyed so I had to chuck them. Goodbye old friends. *Sniffle*
Today's outfit encompasses all the things that I am currently obsessed with, including but not limited to:
  1. Stripes - They say vertical stripes makes the wearer appear slimmer right? Please let that be true.
  2. Polka dots - Impossible to not love, they make most things very cute unless they appear on the skin as some kind of a disease. In which case, yuck. 
  3. Black and white with a pop of red - well documented as an Alex favourite
  4. Quirky statement jewellery - in case you ever feel like buying me a gift. The bigger the better. I like it to get crazy up in here. 
  5. Unique, eye-catching shoes - Plain is for vanilla, bread and yoghurt, not for feet! 
  6. YOU! - That's why I'm blogging, thanks for reading!

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