Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Top: Glamorous | Skirt: ASOS | Shoes: Velvet
Bag: Nine West | Earrings: Chinatown
Bangles: ASOS | Ring: Far East Plaza | Watch: New Look
"Where's she going?", you might be wondering. To relax one corner of course!
Chillin' like a villain
I've heard that the colour red can make you hungry so that's why many restaurants use it as a primary colour on their premises to turn us into fatties. I don't need help in that respect because I am always hungry. But this isn't a food blog, so let's talk fayshun!

Red - the colour of passion, desire and excitement. I am sure my colleagues were feeling extremely passionate and excited doing their work thanks to my voluminous midi skirt... But if you are my boss reading this, then juuuust kidding, we are always passionate and excited about work!

Red, is also the colour of anger. So if you're a big believer of colour psychology, tread lightly because I know that hungry + angry = hangry, and when I'm hangry, I HULKSMASH things.


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