Thursday, 24 July 2014

Shiny happy people

Top: Seed (Similar here)
Skirt: State of Being
Earrings: Vintage (Similar-ish here and here)
Ring: Can't recall (Similar here) | Bag: Balenciaga
Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger (Similar and waaay nice here)
I'm quite the magpie so a lot of my clothes are pretty shiny and/or embellished but it's not always so easy to wear bling to the office, because you risk being branded 'disco' and make people think you're on your way to a party after work (which might be viewed as somewhat hedonistic for a Tuesday night).

Here are my tips for keeping the magpie happy by incorporating bling into your work wear:
  1. Keep it neutral: If you're going to be shiny, don't be too patterned. That's just distracting and better for a retro party. If you're having a retro party, please invite me.
  2. Turn down the skank: Less skin, more bling. If you're in a tight, shiny, short skirt at your work place, you're probably doing a different sort of work than I am. No judgement yo.
  3. Embellishments are your friends: Embellished neckline tops are lovely because you don't need to think about what necklace to wear. Lazy person style for the win. 
  4. Not ready to be Rihanna (ie. Shine bright like a diamond)? Try a shiny cellphone case. Also makes for an exhausting hobby if you want the challenge of making it yourself with teeny tiny diamantes.
  5. Do Elizabeth Taylor: Adorn yourself with jewellery so big and shiny you could be in a museum.
Thanks for reading, CAW CAW CAW!!

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