Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Stiff competition

Dress: ASOS (Similar here and here) | Shoes: Repetto (Similar here)
Who wore it better? Me...
... Or this vase?
Stag ring: Flea market find from Cyn (Similar here) | Bracelets: Dorothy Perkins (Similar here)
Bag: Vintage Celine from Cyn (Similar here)
I'm generally quite passive aggressive but a little healthy competition once in a while is good for me. It's always a good push to make me try to improve myself. For today's outfit, I guess I was competing with a Chinese vase. It's a tough fight:

Flattering the figure - Vase has curves, Alex needs a push-up bra.
Vase: 1 Alex: 0
Effort - Alex has a stag ring that can poke eyes out. Vase is a vase.
Vase: 1 Alex: 1
Overall polish - Vase has a smooth sheen, Alex can't wear nail polish because her nails will break off and great sadness will overwhelm her.
Vase: 2 Alex 1

VASE WINS! Thanks for reading, I hope you were rooting for the animate creature (me, not vase).

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