Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Top: Orla Kiely | Skirt: Altered from a Love Bonito dress
Bag: Nine West
Bracelet: Vintage gift from Cyn | Ring: Chinatown
Shoes: Pedder Red
Earrings: Vintage gift from Cyn
 In a bid to help me make more closet space, my friend mentioned the process of 'upcycling' to me where I take my old stuff that I don't use anymore and repurpose it into something else for better environmental value. For example, taking a dress and making it into fancy cushion covers, or a fancy apron, or part of a quilt, and other such homely hipster things.

I'm not sure I'm ready to turn my home into a shrine dedicated to my clothes but I did give upcycling a bit of a spin today. The skirt I'm wearing used to be a dress but the top of the dress was too tight, probably because I'm so well-endowed (*sob* I am not at all, I just bought a size too small because of wishful thinking) so I had it tailored into just a skirt. My goodness what an ingenious money-saving human being.  And my ring? It used to be a brooch. OMG UPCYCLING FOR THE WIN.

Thanks for reading, what did YOU do to save the earth today?

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