Friday, 29 August 2014

Hippie high

Top: Uniqlo | Pants: Uniqlo (Similar here)
Bag: Comme Des Garcon (Similar-ish here)
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Necklace: Gift (Similar here)
It's a Friday so my brain is pretty much on a vacation now and when that happens, I go through the day with some really fun (if fun = strange) thoughts so I figured I would share it with you since sharing is caring and I've established from yesterday's post that I am nice.

Top thoughts for today are:
  • I'm rocking the corporate hippie look with my chicken-pants* and bib necklace. At least this is what I think a corporate hippie would look like. Or a corporate clown. I'm strangely fine with either.
  • I bet I could make my bag out of recycled paper. I should try. How hard could it be?**
  • I wonder if people think I'm wearing pajama pants. Wouldn't be the first time I guess.
  • I feel so tall. I should invest in stilts. I'm going to make stilt walking a thing. 
I think I'm onto something.

Thanks for reading, watch this space, my next big idea is going to be award-winning surely. No. I am not high.

* I call them chicken-pants because they are so wide you can stuff chickens in them. Yes, I know I can also stuff cats or cushions or whatever else. Don't rain on my parade, you butt.
** I have 9214709714645329874321 paper cuts and I think I'm dying.  

Thursday, 28 August 2014


Dress: Primark (Similar here)
Bag: Gracious Aires (Similar here) | Ring: Gift (Similar here)
Shoes: Tangs (Similar here)
Earrings: Forever 21 (Similar here)
I apologise for the coarse language. Today's post is dedicated to a topic that is near and dear to my heart - it is about my face.

When I was in secondary school, a classmate, let's call her J, expressed disbelief when another classmate had a conversation with me, because J thought that I looked quite stuck up so she imagined a conversation with me would be akin to a job interview with the white witch of Narnia.

You may also recall that I worked as a door bitch for a few years. The job is similar to that of a maƮtre d' of a restaurant except supposedly meaner. A few years after, I worked in a private equity firm and a colleague, who later became a friend told me that he initially didn't want to talk to me because he remembered me from my door bitching days and was scared of me.

Recently, someone expressed pleasant surprise when I had a nice conversation with her. So basically, if I act like a human being and not spit fire, people are surprised? I probably need to re-evaluate my life.

I decided to turn to my friends for their testimony on my niceness:

"You're... Okay I guess."
"You aren't like evil or anything"
"Sorry, who are you? " 

I hate you guys.

So I've decided that all this boils down to my amazing resting bitch face. (I refuse to believe it's my personality. What? I can't hear you lalalalalalalalala).

Anyway, I got dressed with all this in mind today, hence I look like a cross between a Stepford wife and a Barbie doll because it's super saccharine sweet and people like that right? I'm approachable dammit.

Thanks for reading, if you see me, be brave, come up and say hi, because I'm not glaring at you, I just look like that.

Today's post was brought to you by the association of bloggers with verbal diarrhea. 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


The inspiration: my style crush nailing it as always. Pic taken from Atlantic Pacific
My take on the look. Pass?
Shirt: River Island | Skirt: Seed (Similar here)
Ring: Gift (Similar here) | Bag: Comme Des Garcon (Similar-ish here) | Shoes: Shoemint (Similar here)
Earrings: Hand me downs (Similar here)
I've been really taken by the stripes and floral combo, something about the whole clashy-matchy thing just makes me squeal like a happy little piglet. However, there's a thin line between clashy-matchy and clashy-ugly. I spent at least 20 minutes just looking at myself in the mirror this morning. Also, have you ever checked out your reflection in one mirror and then moved to another mirror to check, just in case? Yeah I might be weird. Not sure what surprises I was expecting.

D, my colleague (and friend - when I previously referred to her without the friend part, there were CONSEQUENCES) looked at me and said I looked crazy. I guess crazy is better than clashy-ugly?

Thanks for reading, here's to the crazies!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Fancy pillowcase

Dress: Jil Sander (Similar here) | Belt: GG5 (Similar here)
I have a raging case of resting bitch face
But I'm actually not that horrid, please be my friend.
Clutch: DKNY (Almost same here) | Ring: Gift (It's a 3D printed ring! Get yours here) | Bracelet: Popup Showroom
Shoes: Robinsons (Similar here)
Earrings: Diva (Similar-ish here)
Today was one of those days where I just wanted to curl up into a ball, lie in bed and hide under the sheets. Between the rain and the incidence of frustrating circumstances, I had to gather all my strength not to go into fetal position. Thankfully, I was basically wearing a fancy pillowcase so I kind of had that comforting bed vibe going for me.

I dressed up the pillow case with a belt and high heels ok? Can't say I've totally given up because if I had, I would literally be in my PJs. Oh wait... Dammit. I am officially a slob.

Thanks for reading, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

On a totally unrelated non-fashion note, my dog got attacked by another dog and I was so traumatised I cried. I just wanted to show you my soft side in case you thought my resting bitch face was actually real bitch face. 

Monday, 25 August 2014

Shine on

Dress: Far East Plaza (Similar here and here)
Bag: Hong Kong (Similar here)
Ring: Twentyeight Lane (Similar here)
Earrings: Accessorize (Similar here)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears. I'm about to drop some knowledge so you might want to get a pen and some paper.

You might think that sequins and the corporate environment don't go but I think they totally do because everyone needs a little bit of disco-crazy, especially on a dreary Monday. Obviously, there are some rules to be adhered to:
  1. Matte sequins are god's gift to the corporate magpie. 
  2. Your outfit should be no more than 30% sequin unless you are earning your keep as a drag queen, in which case, carry on.
  3. Neutral coloured sequined outfits are obviously more office friendly. Although if I dressed like Jessica Rabbit, I think some segments of the office would be VERY friendly to me. 
  4. I think you probably shouldn't wear 100% sequined shoes to the office but if you're rocking about in the ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz, I am intensely jealous. Those were my dream shoes since forever.
Thanks for reading, let's go disco-loco!

On a totally unrelated non-fashion note, if you feel like reading random funny, please check out The Bloggess. I've just discovered her blog and it's hilarious.(But don't stop reading my blog though k?)

Friday, 22 August 2014

Friday is my fun-day

Top: Mango (Similar here)
Skirt: ASOS (Similar here)
Spiked necklace: ASOS (Similar here) | Neon yellow necklace: Twentyeight lane | Love necklace: ASOS (Similar here)
Shoes: Keds (Similar here)
Ring: Bugis (Similar here) | Clutch: Kate Spade (Similar here)
 Yay to the start of another weekend! I've been a little bit under the weather so I haven't had much energy to dress up, but I decided to wear this cheery neon yellow and pink combo as a way to celebrate the impending weekend. Not that my weekend life is all that exciting, but I have become something of an afternoon nap connoisseur if I do so say myself.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with the most satisfying naps.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

The gift

Dress: H&M - From Steph (Similar here)
Shoes: Aldo (Similar here)
Bag: Mango (Similar here) | Ring: From Cyn (Similar here)
Earrings: From Mel (Similar here)
I've been very lucky because people in my life are really generous and have gifted me with some wonderful things. 66% of today's outfit were presents and you know, I will never turn down free clothes and accessories because I am a cheapskate. So in honour of the gift-giving people in my life, I've composed a terrible poem:

To my generous relatives and friends
Thanks to you I can follow the trends.
I love your stuff, bought or handed down
Even if sometimes I look like a clown
Please keep up your generosity,
Or I'll become a fashion monstrosity.

Thanks for reading! I know you're probably thinking I'm the next Sylvia Plath.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Of Cos

Dress: Cos (Similar here)
Shoes: BCBGeneration (Similar here)
Clutch: Warehouse and a gift from Wens (Similar here) | Ring: Gift from Cyn (Similar here)
Earrings: Diva (Similar here) | Necklace: Twentyeight Lane
COS is a label that has unfortunately not come to Singapore yet but I suppose its appeal lies in its stark and edgy cool clothes. I suppose if everyone on this sunny island was wearing it, it might be less edgy cool? I don't know. Anyway, I love the designs and this particular dress is perfect for work because even with the long sleeves, it's very thin so quite cooling. Functional and fashionable. The dream exists!

Short post because I have to stop my dog from attacking his own paw now.

Thanks for reading, I hope your dog/lover/friend isn't attacking his or her own hand. Le sigh.

* Edit: My friend Tiff has just told me that COS is actually in Singapore and has an outlet in Ion. OMG. Guess where I'll be this weekend???

Monday, 18 August 2014


Shirt: G2000 (Similar here but if you're feeling baller, try here, here and here)
Skirt: Bysi (Similar here)
Necklace: Pretty Quaint | Bag: Prada (Similar here)
Ring: Vintage (Similar here) | Shoes: Charles & Keith
There are plenty of articles out there that will tell you what wardrobe essentials you need to stock up on and I'm a total sucker for it. But let's face it, it totally depends on what climate you live in, what work you do, and blah blah blah. For example, they say a good pair of walking boots are totally essential but come on man, in this climate! Have you smelled your feet lately? Peeee-yeeew.

However, when it comes to the crisp white shirt, I think it actually might be a wardrobe staple. It can be styled up, down, and all around. As an el cheapo supporter of the white shirt, mine is from G2000 and super basic but if you want to get the most expensive white shirt lovingly made by an artisan of the island of Silkonia who harvests 100% Egyptian cotton from the cotton fairies, there are some really pricey ones out there so go crazy.

Thanks for reading, *sniff sniff* Is that smell from me? Peeeeeee-yeeewwww.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Here comes the bride

The three not-so-blind mice
The beautiful bride and handsome groom
Sparkly amazingness plus emcees bringing some fierce Miss Universe style posing
Cheongsam time

A special edition post to commemorate a special day for a special person.

On Saturday, 9 August 2014, my best friend of 21 years, Nicole, got married to the love of her life in a beautiful and touching ceremony. I was so honoured to be a part of the celebrations as one of the bridesmaids and as an emcee for the dinner.

Words are not enough to describe how beautiful Nic was, and continues to be. More than anything, the love that was evident on both the bride and groom's faces was overwhelming and many joyful tears were shed at their union.

I wish the couple the very best, I am so happy they found one another and look forward to sharing more happy milestones with them.

The bride got both her bridal gown and evening gown from Dang Bridal 
The bridesmaids dresses are from Love Bonito
The fabric of my cheongsam belonged to my dearly departed porpor. It was saved by aunty Cyn for a perfect occasion such as the wedding of my oldest and dearest friend. I had the cheongsam tailored at Elisa H&W International.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A lesson in leopard

Top: Asos (Similar here) | Skirt: Glamorous
Necklace: Far East Plaza (Similar here)
Bag: Prada (Similar here) | Watch: Omega (Similar here) | Ring: Vintage (Similar-ish here and here)
Shoes: Beverly Feldman (Similar-ish here and here)
 You know I'm loco for leopard print but it can be a bit of a challenge to wear sometimes. There's a tendency to look a little OTT and while I'm all for bringing some cougar town realness, I don't want people to think I'm going to be throwing martinis in their faces while trying to seduce their sons.

Here are my tips for bringing leopard prints to the office in a tasteful way:

1. Scared to go big? How about a purse, a bag or a chic pair of heels? Really really scared? Try nail art!
A small but effective roar | Pic from This Fashion is Mine
2. Love to go loud? Do: wear it with a bold colour and lots of attitude. Don't: wear an actual leopard.
Super cute but dial it down honey | Pic from Cosy Pajamas
3. When you're going skin print, don't go showing too much of your own skin. Skin versus skin just ain't happenin'.
Woah mama | Pic from Vogue Magz
 Thanks for reading, get those bewwwbs back inside.