Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A lesson in leopard

Top: Asos (Similar here) | Skirt: Glamorous
Necklace: Far East Plaza (Similar here)
Bag: Prada (Similar here) | Watch: Omega (Similar here) | Ring: Vintage (Similar-ish here and here)
Shoes: Beverly Feldman (Similar-ish here and here)
 You know I'm loco for leopard print but it can be a bit of a challenge to wear sometimes. There's a tendency to look a little OTT and while I'm all for bringing some cougar town realness, I don't want people to think I'm going to be throwing martinis in their faces while trying to seduce their sons.

Here are my tips for bringing leopard prints to the office in a tasteful way:

1. Scared to go big? How about a purse, a bag or a chic pair of heels? Really really scared? Try nail art!
A small but effective roar | Pic from This Fashion is Mine
2. Love to go loud? Do: wear it with a bold colour and lots of attitude. Don't: wear an actual leopard.
Super cute but dial it down honey | Pic from Cosy Pajamas
3. When you're going skin print, don't go showing too much of your own skin. Skin versus skin just ain't happenin'.
Woah mama | Pic from Vogue Magz
 Thanks for reading, get those bewwwbs back inside.

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