Thursday, 28 August 2014


Dress: Primark (Similar here)
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I apologise for the coarse language. Today's post is dedicated to a topic that is near and dear to my heart - it is about my face.

When I was in secondary school, a classmate, let's call her J, expressed disbelief when another classmate had a conversation with me, because J thought that I looked quite stuck up so she imagined a conversation with me would be akin to a job interview with the white witch of Narnia.

You may also recall that I worked as a door bitch for a few years. The job is similar to that of a maƮtre d' of a restaurant except supposedly meaner. A few years after, I worked in a private equity firm and a colleague, who later became a friend told me that he initially didn't want to talk to me because he remembered me from my door bitching days and was scared of me.

Recently, someone expressed pleasant surprise when I had a nice conversation with her. So basically, if I act like a human being and not spit fire, people are surprised? I probably need to re-evaluate my life.

I decided to turn to my friends for their testimony on my niceness:

"You're... Okay I guess."
"You aren't like evil or anything"
"Sorry, who are you? " 

I hate you guys.

So I've decided that all this boils down to my amazing resting bitch face. (I refuse to believe it's my personality. What? I can't hear you lalalalalalalalala).

Anyway, I got dressed with all this in mind today, hence I look like a cross between a Stepford wife and a Barbie doll because it's super saccharine sweet and people like that right? I'm approachable dammit.

Thanks for reading, if you see me, be brave, come up and say hi, because I'm not glaring at you, I just look like that.

Today's post was brought to you by the association of bloggers with verbal diarrhea. 

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