Friday, 29 August 2014

Hippie high

Top: Uniqlo | Pants: Uniqlo (Similar here)
Bag: Comme Des Garcon (Similar-ish here)
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Necklace: Gift (Similar here)
It's a Friday so my brain is pretty much on a vacation now and when that happens, I go through the day with some really fun (if fun = strange) thoughts so I figured I would share it with you since sharing is caring and I've established from yesterday's post that I am nice.

Top thoughts for today are:
  • I'm rocking the corporate hippie look with my chicken-pants* and bib necklace. At least this is what I think a corporate hippie would look like. Or a corporate clown. I'm strangely fine with either.
  • I bet I could make my bag out of recycled paper. I should try. How hard could it be?**
  • I wonder if people think I'm wearing pajama pants. Wouldn't be the first time I guess.
  • I feel so tall. I should invest in stilts. I'm going to make stilt walking a thing. 
I think I'm onto something.

Thanks for reading, watch this space, my next big idea is going to be award-winning surely. No. I am not high.

* I call them chicken-pants because they are so wide you can stuff chickens in them. Yes, I know I can also stuff cats or cushions or whatever else. Don't rain on my parade, you butt.
** I have 9214709714645329874321 paper cuts and I think I'm dying.  

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