Thursday, 21 August 2014

The gift

Dress: H&M - From Steph (Similar here)
Shoes: Aldo (Similar here)
Bag: Mango (Similar here) | Ring: From Cyn (Similar here)
Earrings: From Mel (Similar here)
I've been very lucky because people in my life are really generous and have gifted me with some wonderful things. 66% of today's outfit were presents and you know, I will never turn down free clothes and accessories because I am a cheapskate. So in honour of the gift-giving people in my life, I've composed a terrible poem:

To my generous relatives and friends
Thanks to you I can follow the trends.
I love your stuff, bought or handed down
Even if sometimes I look like a clown
Please keep up your generosity,
Or I'll become a fashion monstrosity.

Thanks for reading! I know you're probably thinking I'm the next Sylvia Plath.

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