Monday, 29 September 2014

The grand dame of fashion

Dress and belt: Smooch the Label
OHMAGERD why is it so hot?
Bag: Prada (Similar here) | Ring: Lovisa (Similar here)
Earrings: Vintage hand me downs (Similar here)
Shoes: Red Valentino (Similar-ish here)
The earrings I wore today belonged to my porpor (grandmother) who had a killer fashion sense, mad bod (23 inch waist yo) and an awesome personality that made her larger than life. I love vintage hand me downs because they're rich with history and feel pretty unique. I imagine Queen Elizabeth goes all giddy with glee every time she puts those crown jewels on her noggin.
Porpor with some serious Cara Delevigne brows
Unfortunately, porpor wasn't able to hang around too long because she lived fast and died young like some original YOLO hipster or whatever you young people call it nowadays. But she made a big impact in our lives and continues to leave a legacy, including some amazing pieces of costume and real jewellery that I'm greedily trying to get my paws on.

Thanks for reading, YOLO but seriously, don't smoke.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Animal instincts

Nacho looks like he's saying 'whatchoo starin' at?'
Dress: River Island

Bag: FCUK | Shoes: Converse
Earrings: Chinatown (Similar here)
Ring: Twentyeight Lane
Today's outfit is very youthful... or childish... Whatever. It's a bit more twee than I'm used to but I do love a good theme - I am pretty sure you can guess what the theme of today was but if you need a hint... Well, I'll just tell you... It's ANIMALS, you silly head!

On the topic of animals, show some love, save some animals today. Please adopt a dog or donate money or your time to a shelter. The following are some suggestions:
  • Save Our Street Dogs: See the "our" in the name? It's because these dogs actually belong to all of us in Singapore. Be patriotic and save your fellow Singaporeans!
  • Animal Lovers League: This site is pretty well designed and their logo is people holding hands with animals. Just awesome.
  • Action for Singapore Dogs: Take action! Be a hero!
  • Animal Concerns Research & Education Society: This hardworking group does so much for all the other animals in Singapore that don't get the same kind of love and attention as dogs and cats. This group helps the animals that we don't typically go 'awww' over (like snakes, lizards and monkeys) because even the gross ones deserve saving. Plus they save us from the scary animals we otherwise wouldn't know how to deal with. Support them if you a) love animals indiscriminately, b) don't want monkeys roaming around your house, c) really enjoy watching people try to catch Komodo Dragons with some trouble.
Thanks for reading, thanks for saving lives.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

These are a few of my favourite things

Top and skirt set: Sheinside
Shoes: Vincci (Similar here)
Rings: Lovisa (Similar here) | Necklace: Twentyeight Lane
Bag: Kate Spade (Similar here)
Today's outfit is brought to you by the letter 'A' because two-piece set + rainbow colours + stripes + neon bits and bobs = A is for AWESOME.

I would like to share the euphoria I feel because of awesome things so I'm going to list some of my online treasures that hopefully will be totally new to you, which will make you think I'm some super trendsetting lifestyle guru. 

Great international (aka not Singapore) online shopping
  • The majority of my clothes come from ASOS because it carries tons of different styles at quite affordable prices. The downside is how long it takes for delivery - I can forget that I ordered things but the plus side of that is that when I get deliveries, it's kind of like a nice surprise.
  • I recently discovered Sheinside and while they have lots of stuff that won't totally work in this climate, like woolly coats and winter pieces, they've got some fun stuff to choose from although quality isn't as good as ASOS.
  • Mod Cloth is another recent discovery and it's got lots of deals and discount promos for shoppers and from what I see, the stuff is all cute and trendy.
Local online shopping
  • Dressabelle is good if you're an office lady on a budget. They have very office-appropriate attire and they bring in new stock very often.
  • Smooch the Label - I love the way they replicate expensive looks for less, but don't sacrifice the fabric quality.
  • Twentyeight Lane - Love the pretty accessories but they can be a tad pricey at times (I'm a cheapskate so I only buy during sales) but the pieces are very solid and of good quality.
For your reading pleasure
  • I've mentioned The Bloggess before but seriously, if you're into irreverent and awesome stuff, check her out. 
  • Go Fug Yourself is the celebrity fash trash site of choice because they write in a fun and well-meaning way and cover a good range of gloriously hideous celebrity fashion
  • Sad and Useless because some days, you just need to look at nonsense. 
  • The Cool Hunter is the best way to look at a wide selection of cool things at a one-stop location. The architecture and interior design is the bombdigitty.
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Be mine, lover, won't you be mine?

This is one of my shoe cabinets. It is messy and the colour in the picture is awful but....
... HUMBLEBRAG!!! Ok not really, I'm flat out bragging because I have so many shoes!! Wheeeeee!!!!
Craziest pairs of shoes in my cupboard, both are from Irregular Choice, purveyor of the ugly-cool
From Beverly Feldman, probably my favourite pair because they've got a happy memory attached to them
It's pretty obvious to anyone who knows me that I have a raging shoe addiction. I haven't counted how many pairs of shoes I own but I think it's around one hundred or so (which isn't really that much compared to Hollywood stars, Jamie Chua or Imelda Marcos but I guess for a regular office lady it might be a biiiiit much) I used to work in nightlife so I used to buy tons of skyscraper heels with various bits and bobs hanging off them giving my shoes the added capability of being used as weapons (I do love studs, referring both to metal and hot men).

As I've aged (groan), my feet have decided to punish me for my years of high heel wearing and now I struggle to wear anything above 3 inches - my feet spasm and then go on strike. So it makes me terribly sad when I see shoes that I love love love but know that I can't practically wear.

Like these babies:
Be mine?
I love Sophia Webster designs but this is too much for my ol' footsies to manage. Oh, and also because they are selling these on Net-A-Porter for approximately S$1200 which is totally affordable if I don't feel like eating for 2 months or so. That's quite the diet plan I've got there.

Thanks for reading, no selfies today because I'm still jetlagged. BTW, I'm going to be using that as an excuse from now on. For EVERYTHING. 

Monday, 22 September 2014


Dress: Smooch the Label
Check out my patchy arms (I had a spray tan which is fading rather pathetically)
Bag: Hong Kong (Similar here) | Ring: Charlotte (Similar-ish here) | Earrings: Vintage hand me downs (Similar here)
Pretty detailing on the back (talking about the dress, not my bodaaaay)
Woooooo boob shot!
Shoes: Beverly Feldman (Similar here)
Howdy, I've got to keep it short today because jetlag is basically kicking my butt and I can barely keep my eyes open, let alone think straight and basically words are all becoming ahfesoifhsncieuyuadhahdasnmliyvfufewnfioyafhasifjnjeyrewiuopin so yeeeeeeeeeeeah.

Instead, admire this pretty white eyelet dress that is just so lovely, I wore a camisole inside because I didn't want to appear too naked but it looks nice even without. The detail is just dahfnadiufhdaiuogfnbdtsakghfouiasgfiasnfkjcvasniugvhsdbgflaiodush. Whooops fell asleep there.

Thanks for reading even though there wasn't much to read. Goodbye and goodnight.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Let's hear it for New York

Hello! I went to New York for a week to attend my sister's wedding (the New York edition) and had a little bit of a vacation. Sharing is caring so here's the round up of what I got up to. Sorry for the lame picture quality, I'm not very good at this sorta thing.

The M+M wedding extravaganza (New York edition)
The party was held at David Burke Kitchen in their outdoor roof bar area called the Treehouse. It was a great day for a wedding - the previous day's rain cleared out and left blue sunny skies for the day. It was chilly in the morning but warmed up as the ceremony and luncheon began.

Etsy style, pinterest-worthy decor plus roasted pig
Bride and groom saying their vows
The girl cousins living from all across the globe (minus one)
A twins club reunion: we coincidentally had these dresses
Stuff I watched
  • The musical Once - the performers were so talented and the songs were lovely in a contemporary way but I felt that the storyline was a bit too sappy and not very strong. 
  • A comedy show at the Comedy Cellar - Overall it was good and funny. We were right up close to the stage so there was a lot of eye contact. I particularly enjoyed Greer Barnes who looks like Edris Elba (smoking hot!) and does a few vocal impressions that are just wicked. 
The seats in the theatre are tight so a good stretch while standing in line is a good tip. Moo stretching her face here.
Oh, just me, moo and our famous friends

Places I visited
  • Loads of parks - I walked through Central Park, Washington Square Park, Bryant Park and Madison Square Park. It was lovely to enjoy the cool but sunny weather and the flora and fauna, and also to see all the dogs because I needed crazy dog lady fuel. 
  • Grand Central Station - It is beautiful and such a cool place to go through and there's a grocery store there that sells tons of yummy stuff, 
  • The New York Library - Such breathtaking architecture coupled with quiet respite from the noisy city. 
  • The famous 5th Avenue for high end shops, I just wandered around but didn't buy anything (I know, shocker right?)
  • Eataly - A market place filled with Italian produce and restaurants. And a Nutella shop. Heaven.
  • Highline - An old rail line converted into a park. I really enjoyed the view from atop this park and I capped it off with a nice coffee at the end of the line. 
  • Woodbury - Of course I'm going to go outlet shopping. Which I did. And it was great. I probably have to sell a kidney or something now. 
  • The Metropolitan Museum - LOVED this. One day is not enough though, I highly recommend the free guided tours that take about an hour and focus on select things. It's so informative and puts some of the work in perspective. 
  • Museum of Modern Art - This one is pricey at $25 for an adult ticket but the collection is well curated and the Monet room is just lovely to sit in and take in the art.  
Rockin' in Central Park
Bryant Park waddup
Noms in Madison Square Park with a pianist playing nearby
This is Penelope and she wants to chase squirrels
Making some dangerous friends at Grand Central Station
Gonna get my read on at New York Library
Cool window display because ROBOT
Outdoor eating area in the Flatiron District
Heaven in Eataly
Sisterly love as we walked towards highline
Moo and I in the train station
Poser spotted at Woodbury. Not pictured: A bunch of garbage bins nearby
Goodnight New York

Stuff I ate
  • Danji - Korean food which was yummy and in a pretty cool looking place 
  • Empanadas - Kind of like South American curry puffs
  • Atlantic Grill - Not exactly fusion, more like a mixed menu with western style seafood and then sushi
  • Noodies - Thai food that was not too expensive and pretty yummy. Great late night eating. 
  • Carnegie's Deli - Deli style sandwiches of pastrami monstrosity.
  • Yakitori Toto - I loved this. Basically like a high end Tori Q and you know I just love me some meat sticks. 
  • Artichoke Pizza - Huge slices of yumminess 
  • Shake Shack - Obviously this is a must do but like a kiasu Singaporean, I was there a quarter to eleven and basically was second in line. 
  • The Halal Guys - A famous food truck really makes for a New York dining experience 
  • Lady M Mille crepes - So yum. More please. 
  • Quality Meats - Steak. Portions are pretty large so three of us shared 2 mains but we still had trouble finishing. 
  • I had tons of coffee too: Rex, Little Collins, Irving Farm and some others that I can't recall but Irving Farm was my favourite because it's not as strong as the others 
I got off the plane, vomited out of a cab then had Korean food.
I got my dranks on.
Carnegie's deli - tastes better than it looks
Monster pastrami sandwich named after Woody Allen
Two slices of meatball pizza from Artichoke Pizza eaten while dog watching. Good times.
One Smoke Stack that I was basically scarfing down though I wasn't hungry
Eating Halal Guys is very serious business
I vote Mille crepes my new favourite dessert
Thanks for reading, I've missed you!