Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Be mine, lover, won't you be mine?

This is one of my shoe cabinets. It is messy and the colour in the picture is awful but....
... HUMBLEBRAG!!! Ok not really, I'm flat out bragging because I have so many shoes!! Wheeeeee!!!!
Craziest pairs of shoes in my cupboard, both are from Irregular Choice, purveyor of the ugly-cool
From Beverly Feldman, probably my favourite pair because they've got a happy memory attached to them
It's pretty obvious to anyone who knows me that I have a raging shoe addiction. I haven't counted how many pairs of shoes I own but I think it's around one hundred or so (which isn't really that much compared to Hollywood stars, Jamie Chua or Imelda Marcos but I guess for a regular office lady it might be a biiiiit much) I used to work in nightlife so I used to buy tons of skyscraper heels with various bits and bobs hanging off them giving my shoes the added capability of being used as weapons (I do love studs, referring both to metal and hot men).

As I've aged (groan), my feet have decided to punish me for my years of high heel wearing and now I struggle to wear anything above 3 inches - my feet spasm and then go on strike. So it makes me terribly sad when I see shoes that I love love love but know that I can't practically wear.

Like these babies:
Be mine?
I love Sophia Webster designs but this is too much for my ol' footsies to manage. Oh, and also because they are selling these on Net-A-Porter for approximately S$1200 which is totally affordable if I don't feel like eating for 2 months or so. That's quite the diet plan I've got there.

Thanks for reading, no selfies today because I'm still jetlagged. BTW, I'm going to be using that as an excuse from now on. For EVERYTHING. 

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