Monday, 1 September 2014

Marvelous Mondays

Top: Esprit (Similar here)
Skirt: Smooch the label (Same but different here) | Shoes: Charles & Keith (Similar here)
Earrings: Hand me downs (Similar here)
Ring: Gift (Similar here) | Dog: Nacho (one of a kind)
Despite all my attempts at voodoo magic to delay Monday's arrival, it arrived, and with a vengeance. Anyway, as a fun change from the using griping, I've decided to list down some small purchases I've made that have made a world of a difference to my daily functioning. I'm a legit shopping queen so I think my opinion totally counts on this.
1. The big puffy skirt I'm wearing today: I love puffy midi skirts because they're so lady-like and how can you be grumpy if your butt can be a makeshift balloon??

2. My garment steamer: My clothes are always wrinkled so this machine is great for quick and basic ironing. Mine is a Novita and was quite cheap but if you're even lazier than me (highly unlikely), you can always run a really hot shower and hang your clothes nearby.

3. My tissue packet holder: It holds in the tissues so they don't end up all over my bag, it holds a bunch of pills, plasters, and lady products and best of all, they make the table chope-ing* a stylish affair because I wear stuff and so do my tissue packets.

Nacho is a product model
4. My cellphone cover: Imagine your boss calls you first thing in the morning and is all, "Have you been stealing the office pens?" Ugh right? But what if he's calling you on a magic talking bee? Waaay better. You might even think about returning some of those pens.

Hey, someone is buzzin' ya. Geddit??
5. My paper fan from Daiso: A measly $2 to keep me cool, plus the option to burst into a Chinese fan dance whenever I want.
Fans are a great hideout for when you stalk people
 Thanks for reading, I have no idea what pens you're talking about.

*For people who aren't familiar with the concept of 'chope', you know when a food centre is really crowded and you want to ensure you get a space while you are queuing for your order so you don't end up trying to manage your tray of food, heavy bag and general lack of balance? Yeah, you use the Singapore based reservation system of 'chope' where you put down something of low value on the table to designate it yours. 

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