Monday, 24 November 2014

Cape-blazer crusader

Cape blazer: Nasty Gal
Top: Banana Republic (Similar here) | Pants: Calvin Klein (Similar here)
Cuff bracelet: Old (Similar here) | Ring: Lovisa (Similar here)
Bag: Gracious Aires | Shoes: London Rebel
Earrings: Chinatown (Similar here)
I've been waiting for a day when the Singapore weather goes from Lucifer's raging inferno in the deepest corner of hell to Smaug's mouth after a burp, so that I can wear this awesome cape-blazer (Clazer? Blape?) because I honestly believe that my internal core temperature is higher than the average which leaves me feeling that an ice bath is the solution to all my problems most days. Can't find my pen? ICE BATH BABY.

While being quite enamoured of this crisp white clazer blape thing, I have to say that wearing all white can be such a pain in the wazoo. It basically means no laksa for lunch, always cap my pens immediately after use, drink coffee slowly through a straw, try not to snort while laughing... The list goes on forever. I've got some mad first world problems going on right here.

And don't get me started on the creases. I only looked crisp for maybe 10 minutes, after which my valiant efforts to look like Claire Underwood turned into an abysmal failure and instead I looked like a discarded piece of paper.  
The dream: power suit fierce
The reality: me
So I guess the point of my whole ramble is... I may have forgotten to take my meds. Thanks for reading!

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