Thursday, 27 November 2014

I must be emo

Dress: Far East Plaza (Similar here)
Belt: came with dress (Similar here)
Itchy itchy scratchy scratchy
Earrings: Vintage hand me downs (Similar here)
Ring: Lovisa (Similar here) | Bag: Gracious Aires
Shoes: Ravel (Similar-ish here)
Looking a little funereal today because I had a full day of presentations and I wanted to come across as a serious business person. This probably didn't really work all that well since most of the people involved in the meetings already know me. There was a time when I was predominantly wearing black but that really feels like ages ago. I think I really wanted to be seen as some emo goth chick with an attitude problem. Anyway, A for effort but zzz because I miss crazy loud patterns and colours. You can only imagine how I'm going to bounce back. Total colour spaz out expected. Get ready to be blinded.

Keeping it short today because those meetings pretty much drained the life out of me. But thanks for reading, hope you're not feeling like an emo goth.Cheer up, tomorrow's Friday!

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