Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Dress: Smooch the Label
Shoes: Mango (Similar here)
Earrings: Chinatown (Similar here) | Bracelet: Vintage hand me down (Similar here)
Rings: Vintage hand me downs (Similar here and here) | Bag: Red Valentino
There are some illusions at work here (or maybe they're at play, I don't know). Obviously, the first illusion is the dress with its peekaboo effect created by the lace overlay on top of the skin toned netting. It's almost as if it's saying, "OMG there's a naked body under here!" but not really. Those beige sides were actually cut outs but I really don't want to get yelled at by some random aunty so I had some similar beige material sewn in to cover up the nakedness.

The second illusion is how tall and thin I look (at least to me la!) My photographer today (THANKS A BUNCH GARY!!) was a total pro and insisted I pose and pose and pose to get the right angles so I could make my waist look smaller, my legs longer and my hand look less weird. I think I might have to hire him for a permanent photography role. Or just to bark orders at me whenever I'm slouching or letting my hair fall all over my face like a crazed cat lady.

The third illusion is the magic trick: Pick a card from this imaginary stack of cards. Now look at that card and hold it in your mind. Now put it back into the imaginary stack..............Was the card you picked a queen of hearts? No? Well, then the illusion I had you under was that for half a second, you thought I had magic. Unless it WAS the queen of hearts then holyhotcowbells you can hail me as your new prophet!

Thanks for reading! xoxo prophet alexwearsstuffanddoesmagic.

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