Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The gift

Shirt: Uniqlo (Similar here
Skirt: Junya Watanabe (Similar-ish here)
Belt: Hermes (Similar here) | Shoes: Vincent Camuto (Similar here)
Bag: Prada (Similar here)

Sunglasses: Coach (Similar here) | Earrings: Vintage (Similar here)
Ring: Vintage (Similar here)
Continuing my streak of shiny with this fancy skirt with an equestrian themed print on it because it looks like the fanciest wrapping paper this side of Singapore. Santa says you've been good this year and so I'm your present. Unwrap with care. BOOM. And just like that I've managed to make your Christmas just a little bit grosser. MUAHAHAHAHAHA.

Speaking of Santa, I hope the old guy got my emails. I don't want to sound spoiled or anything but my wishlist has been growing with no resolution. Like seriously dude, where in the world is the Chanel bag I asked for? How about that winning lottery ticket with my name on it? And WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BUTLER NAMED JEEVES WHO IS EXCEPTIONALLY TALENTED IN THE CULINARY ART OF FRENCH TOAST MAKING????? HUH????? Look Santa, don't make me come down to the North Pole and punch an elf.

Oops, I guess I've sunk to a new low threatening to punch a little magical person for presents. I might be in the naughty list again, dammit. Thanks for reading!

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