Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Tinsel time

Top: ASOS (Similar here)
Skirt: Chic Wish | Sunglasses: Vans
Clutch: Kate Spade

Shoes: And Other Stories (Similar here)
Never let it be said that the Christmas spirit is not strong in me. Today's a tinsel top kind of day to be reminiscent of the tinsel that we'd wrap around the tree when I was younger. Tinsel is so darn festive that I just want to wear it on my body like I am a walking Christmas tree, although it's kind of pokey and making me itchy but no pain no gain right??

You know, I realise it's not exactly rocket science but I had a bit of trouble doing up my tree this year. Firstly, I forgot that I didn't have any lights so when I put up the tree, I couldn't put on the baubles until I got the lights, so the tree sat bare for a week and my friend commented, 'you know you're supposed to decorate it, right?'

Then, when I got the lights, I excitedly starting laying them on. I started at the bottom of the tree and only at the top did I realise I had put them the wrong way so the plug that connects to the electrical outlet was AT THE TOP of the tree. Maximum stupidity.

Finally, I placed the angel at the top of the tree and looked proudly at my creation. But to my horror, the angel didn't stay put and fell off the tree like Lucifer falling from heaven to hell (isn't that such a good reference?) so yeah. But WHATEVER. The Christmas spirit remains strong!

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones! Merry Christmas!

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