Saturday, 24 January 2015

All aboard the OCD train. But neatly please.

The Mousie mentioned to me that I need to do a post about my storage techniques because her friend Nat, who reads my blog (HI NAT!!), doesn't believe that I am psychotic about storage and organisation. So here is the post, dedicated to Nat, and also to Mousie who thought that I was purposely packing things in an OCD manner to make it harder for her to steal my stuff. That's just a delightful outcome, you little thief.

1. Clothes can must be sorted into types. Eg. short skirts in one section, long skirts in another, capris then jeans then pants in another, shorts and so on so forth. DUH.
This makes total sense.
2. In their various categories, they need to be colour-coded. In case I need to find something to match with something else, I'll know where it is. Sort of.

Colour-coding is next to godliness
3. Anything I don't wear, I keep further back in the closet. After a year, if I still haven't used it, it goes into the recycle bin where I usually give it away.

4. All the hangers must be the same colour, in my case, it's black, because we just have the most of these and also because they come free when you dryclean things. See? Aunty style money saving techniques right there. If all your hangers are not the same colour, then the plague will descend upon us. Don't say I didn't warn you. 
Because black is the new black
5. Compartments are the bomb-diggity. If you've never experienced the joy of compartments, I weep for your soul.
6. Hide things in boxes, then hide the boxes in cupboards. Hide yo kids. Hide yo wives, people!
I have boxes in boxes in cupboards. That's so meta.
7. Running out of space? Keep things under your bed. In a neat way of course. There is the additional advantage of limiting the available bogeyman hiding space so suck it bogeyman where you gonna hide now?
Dog/bogeyman defence unit is optional
8. Hooks are my friends. Stuck in the insides of cupboards, you can't even see them (Read this like a Sell-a-Vision commercial voice-over: no unsightly hooks!) and they're great for planning an outfit. You want to keep that outfit a secret? Just shut the cupboard! MAGIC.
Now you see I am going to wear this.
What dress?
9. I can't live without jewellery organisers. An added bonus is that they kind of make me feel like I'm in a jewellery store whenever I'm picking out my accessories for the day.
This is as organised as it's going to get
So many empty spots for rings. This means I need more rings.
Ok I'm going to stop the crazy train here but if I come up with anymore awesome organisation tips, I'll let you know. Thanks for reading!

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