Monday, 26 January 2015

An ode to the fatherland

Shirt: ASOS (Similar here)
Skirt: P & Co (Similar here)
Shoes: Vincci (Similar here)
Clutch: Gift from CC from Sportsgirl
Sunglasses: Karen Walker | Earrings: Vincci (Similar here)
Ring: Gift from Cyn from V&A (Similar here) | Bangles: Old (Similar here and here)
It was purely by coincidence that I put on a combination of things from some of my favourite Malaysian brands, Vincci and P&C. I also really like Nichii in case you were wondering. And I credit my awesome colleagues for introducing these brands to me. These Malaysian brands are great because the quality is actually really decent while the price isn't high and because you know I'm a bargain-loving aunty, that combination is basically like a drug to me.

This outfit made me think of my dear daddy long legs who has resided in China for the longest time but is actually a Malaysian citizen. He came from Ipoh, a small little mining town, and while he's unfortunately not passed on any skills of making super delicious Ipoh kway teow, nor any tips on mining, he has made a huge impact in my life by teaching me three very important things:
  1. Be kind to people - This one is so tough because sometimes people can be mean.
  2. Have faith that things will work out fine - He faced some big time hardships, and while disheartened, has never seemed to lose faith.
  3. Never stop dreaming - My dad is a dreamer, he's always running from one crazy idea to the next and while sometimes it drives me abso-fricking-lutely mental, it's also kind of awesome to know that my dad sees the world with wide-eyed wonder even though he's 70!!!
Anyway, this is just a short post to my dad, who probably can't read this since blogger is banned in China. Dad, I'm thinking about you, and even though we've had our tough times, I'm glad you're around and being the big kid that you are. Love you dad.

Thanks for reading everybaadddddy!

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