Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Hello 2015

Top and skirt: Sheinside | Sunglasses: Karen Walker
When I lean like this I look a bit preggers. Note to self: do not lean like this.
Bag: Quintessential (Similar-ish here) | Ring: Old (Similar here) | Earrings: Vintage (Similar here)
Shoes: Far East Plaza (Similar here)
First outfit post on my blog for 2015! Harking back to old favourites - stripes, pouffy skirts and whimsical prints.

I hope you all had a smashing New Year. I know I did. Too much smashing and not enough resting means that I came down with a raging sore throat and cold on New Year's Day. It made me really want to rethink my life choices (namely the nuggets, cheezels, and sausages I pigged out on the night before) so I started thinking about New Year's resolutions.

Every year, I make resolutions that I ultimately break which leaves in a bit of a shame spiral so this year, I've decided to make some resolutions that will be easier to keep or totally okay to break. I highly recommend you do this too because it's so awesome to be able to say you stuck to it.

The resolutions I'm totally going to break are:
  1. Be mean to animals, especially your dog. Make him beg for a treat, then eat it.
  2. Only shower once a week because you want to save water. Be an earth warrior no matter how bad the smell. 
  3. Get into a cat-fight with a woman at a sale. Fight for your rights to that last pair of shoes, or that bagel at half off. Whatever. 
The resolutions I'm totally going to keep:
  1. Sleep more. You know you deserve it.
  2. Secretly throw out food from the fridge to curtail your mother's food hoarding habits.  If she asks you where that steak bone is, lie and say you gnawed on it while sleep-eating.
  3. Buy more gifts for people. Especially yourself. 
Thanks for reading, I hope you manage to keep to all your resolutions, or not.

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