Thursday, 5 February 2015

Not a supermodel

T-shirt: Uniqlo (Similar here)
Culottes: Vintage (Similar here)

Bag: Gift from Wendy (Similar here) | Shoes: Aldo (Similar here)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Necklace: Mango (Similar here)

Ring: Gift from Manman (Similar here)
My love affair with the white t-shirt started when I started reading fashion magazines - I'd see leggy supermodels wearing their white tees paired with some distressed jeans and I thought, 'hey that seems easy'. I was sorely disappointed. My body proportions are not like those of a supermodel (GASP WHAT A SHOCK) so I kinda just looked like a stumpy little Giordano salesgirl.

This is not me.
I've given up the dream of the white tee and jeans combo (plus it is just too hot to wear jeans most days) but I'll take that leather jacket, Giselle. GIMME.

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