Thursday, 26 February 2015

Skin part 2

Dress: FCUK (Similar here)
Not pregnant. Just a shift dress.
Ring: Vintage (Similar here) | Bag: Prada (Similar here)
Shoes: Koumi Koumi
Sunglasses: Coach (Similar here)
Told you I love snakeskin right?

Seriously, this whole growing old thing sucks butt big time. Another awesome perk of aging has been the fact that my skin is now prone to rashes. Because I'm lame, I break into rashes when it's hot (which is all the fricking time since I live in the tropics) or when I'm stressed (which is almost all the fricking time because I'm easily stressed. My legs are covered in scars because I tend to scratch a lot and not realise until it's too late.

I thought that perhaps I had eczema, so I decided to try using some organic body wash which smelled super nice but was really expensive (and didn't do much to be honest). I'm now back to non-soap body wash like shokubutsu which smells really nice and isn't so expensive, and is really easy to find at most grocery stores and pharmacies.
ohmagerd you smell good
But I try to moisturise at night using Aveeno lotion which is super thick and gloopy (that's how you know it means business)
Eczema therapy because I've self-diagnosed a mild case of eczema
And I'm mad liberal with the H-cort which is basically hydrocortisone cream that you get from the doctor when you have skin inflammations and bites (I'm prone to the worst sandfly bites because my skin is a joke)
You got an itchy you need to scratchy? Use this.
Anyway, this is what I consider the holy grail of care for sensitive rash prone skin. I hope you found this helpful! Thanks for reading!

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