Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Dress: Phillip Lim (here for a similar top and here for a similar skirt)
Sunglasses: Karen Walker
Bag: Gracious Aires (Similar here)
Earrings: Old (Similar here)
Bracelet: Quintessential (Similar here)
Shoes: River Island (Similar here)
I love this dress because it makes my butt look more perky and curvy than it actually is. I have the Chinese girl butt - flat! While I'm totally for accepting one's flaws and loving whatever shape I've been given, a part of me really wants to have a kick-ass toned body. So lately, I've been on a bit of a health kick. My company's HR department introduced me to a free one week trial at Pure Yoga so I've been considering doing that more regularly. 

What I like about Pure Yoga
  1. The studios are quite spacious and quite clean looking
  2. The staff seem really friendly and quite attentive - the guy helping me book in for free classes is really on the ball (Hi Jaymee!)
  3. Once class has started, latecomers won't get to come in so practice is less distracting
  4. They have outlets in Raffles City (not too far from work) and Orchard road (not too far from home) 
  5. Their yoga teachers are really good (well, the 3 I am familiar with now are - Jacqueline, Rene and Kristin!) 
  6. They have hot and non-hot yoga options because I honestly don't always want to melt
  7. They have 45 minute lunchtime sessions which mean I can still grab a quick lunch to go
What is giving me pause about joining
  1. Like most gyms, membership is expensive. It's currently priced at $166 a month if I sign up for 6 months or $130 a month if I sign up for a year for unlimited classes. I think that might include a corporate discount though. Plus I hate paying to exercise.
  2. My time is scarce. Because I'm so important. :)
  3. They only have 16 showers which means there's a queue to shower after each class (and I can't not shower because I'm a sweaty mess) 
  4. Then you have to queue to use the hair dryer, and that takes time since us women have lots of hair to dry. 
  5. What about cardio? 
Anyway, these are kind of the thoughts in my head. And it's nice to get it out there. Even though this was probably super boring for you to read. Thanks for reading! 

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