Monday, 30 March 2015

Spot the difference

Cape-blazer: Smooch the Label | Pants: Uniqlo (Similar here)
Shoes: Prada (Similar here)
Bag: Gracious Aires (Similar here)
Ring: Twentyeight Lane
Sunglasses: Karen Walker
Shirt: Ann Taylor (Similar here)
Skirt: ASOS (Similar here)

Bag: RED Valentino (Similar here)

Pairing the cape blazer with a white shirt totally made me feel like a lawyer which would have been my dream profession if I was a whole lot less lazy. I think lawyers are having their 'in' moment now what with Amal Alamuddin Clooney (specialist in international law, criminal law, human rights, extradition and being George Clooney's way better half) gaining international acclaim for erm... Her Valentino outfits.  Le sigh.

I think I would make for a great litigator - Mostly because I enjoy arguing with people. (Ok this is a lie, I'm very passive aggressive but one can pretend to be assertive, right?). However, I once met an ex-schoolmate and I asked her what sort of law she practised, to which she replied, 'litigation' and without even a pause, she asked me if I knew what litigation was. *Coughcondescendingcough*.

Anyway, let's weigh the pros and the cons of being a lawyer (from the very little I know about law and lawyers)

  1. George Clooney can become your husband
  2. You can wear Valentino outfits 
  3. You can argue with people for money
  1. You might need to work with a certain condescending person
LAW SKOOL HERE I COME. Do I need to be able to spell?

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

This is not the greatest song in the world. This is just a tribute.

Dress: Smooch the Label (comes with belt)
Bag: Gracious Aires (Similar here)

Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Earrings: Diva (Similar here)
Heels: ASOS (Similar here)
I wanted to write a lengthy and heartfelt tribute to the recently passed former Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew but it feels somewhat disrespectful to do so in a blog post about clothes so I've decided to just kinda touch on it without going full emo. 

I also tend not to write about sombre and heavily emotional things because I've had enough of that in my life and I want to put out happy positive things. But I'd just like to tell you guys that I was very sad to hear of his passing - he was a remarkable man who became Singapore's first Prime Minister at the age of 35 which is just crazy. I'll be 35 in like, erm, some time, and I haven't done jack all. Well, I'm the President of the avid sleepers club but that's about it really.

So I'd just like to say, thanks Mr Lee Kuan Yew for everything you've done, and for the inspiration. You are irreplaceable and will be dearly missed.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

We bought a zoo

There was some debate over whether this was a donkey or a goat
Aunty Cyn and I went to Paragon shopping mall to check out the Marni Animal House exhibition. These PVC and metal art pieces were made in a collaboration between Marni and a group of underprivileged Colombian women who use their craft work to earn a living and gain independence.

All the animals and the woven furniture are for sale and all the proceeds go to the shelter for women and children, Casa Raudha, while stocks last! I'm torn between the giraffe and the chicken! I wish I could have a life sized woven Nacho customised. That would be the bomb.

Weave me like one of your French girls.
Hurry and visit the exhibition while stocks last! It's at the first level of Paragon until the 29th of March.

Friday, 20 March 2015

That casual t-shirt feeling

Top: Banana Republic (Similar here)
Skirt: Moschino (Similar here)
Bag: Charles and Keith (Similar here) | Shoes: Aldo (Similar here)
Sunglasses: Karen Walker
Necklace: Twentyeight Lane | Ring: Jessica Buurman
YAY IT IS FRIDAY and I get to wear t-shirts and flats to work! 

So I was doing my usual online surfing when I chanced upon these t-shirt gems that I will absolutely not be wearing or maybe only saving for reaaaaally special occasions.

Uordhk to you too
The grammar nazi in me died. First I thought this tee was saying 'u dork' but it's not even English. Would possibly wear if I was playing quarterback number 23 in the alien species Gazorbalobblorb's annual tentacleball match against the triblorbazorbs from the planet CX678Trizorb. One can only dream.
But don't.
I dislike strangers touching me immensely so this wouldn't work so well for me. But I would totally gift this to a touchy friend so that all her needs can be met without her even saying a word. I'm just helpful like that. 

Now that's just mean
Entirely possible someone might be using this exact phrase to describe me but let's hope not. Would not wear. 

The real question is why there are so many holes in a new tee
Would not wear because we all know I ain't a teenager anymore. Obviously. 

Thanks for reading this completely pointless post. However, if you feel particularly Uordhkian today, or you need some loving, or you want to be excessively rude, then you can visit Sheinside for all these beauties and more.

Monday, 16 March 2015


Top: Forever 21 (Similar here)
Skirt: Zalora (Similar here)
Bag: Charles and Keith (Similar here)
Shoes: Jessica Buurman
Earrings: Old (Similar here) | Ring: Lovisa (Similar here) | Sunglasses: Karen Walker
I'm actually feeling the opposite of sparkly because I've been down with the flu for a couple of days and haven't been able to do much but sleep and eat (OMG how I've been eating - Some people lose their appetites when they get sick but not me, I've been eating like there's no tomorrow even though I can't really taste the food but on nom nom nom so hungry).

I've always been a pretty sickly kid, I think it's a combination of not having a great diet (I love Nutella and hate vegetables) and also generally being a weakling.

I'm sick of being sick though, so I'm gonna do the Lance Armstrong and dope.
I expect my performance to be mad enhanced and I'll be back in no time filled with energy and maybe some awesome mutant powers like the ability to melt plastic with my eyeballs.

Thanks for reading! Be back bigger and better in a bit!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Kiss and tell

Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg (Similar here)
Shoes: Nelly (Similar here)
Bag: Gracious Aires (Similar here)
Sunglasses: Karen Walker
Ring: Jessica Buurman
So guess what? This post is going to be both a fashion and a travel post. Because this is my blog and I make the rules. And in fact, I'm not even going to try to link the clothes to the fact that I went to Rawa over the weekend because the segway would probably be something like "oh see these lips, they remind me of kissing, which reminds me of the time when my classmate had mono, which is also known as the kissing disease, and sometimes there are diseases in the tropics, and wait what was I talking about, forget it. RAWA!" 

RaWAAAAA so nice!
As per Wiki, "Rawa Island is a coral island off the east coast of Johor, Malaysia, 16 km by boat from Mersing town". It's 16km by boat and if you were in a boat like ours, it would take about a half hour but would feel approximately like 3 hours in hell. My motion sickness isn't great and after about 4-5 hours in a rented mini-van from Singapore to Mersing, it felt like MURDERRRR. 
Thank you for your warm welcome
There are only 2 resorts on the island, the side with aircon, warm water and an intense water slide, and the side without. We stayed on the side without and I thought I was really going to be roughing it out but you know what? It was totally comfortable. And now because I love listing points:
  1. The room was shared between four of us but it had plenty of space and we had a balcony area to hang out on
  2. There was sweet, glorious electricity, and multiple fans to keep us cool
  3. They provided amenities like body soap and mosquito coils
  4. There was desalinated (but still kinda salty) water for showering
  5. Wifi, though not super strong and stable, was available at the lounge area
  6. They provided plenty of yummy food every meal and pretty much had every kind of beverage for sale
  7. I only got one mosquito bite the whole trip (2 nights, one full and a half days) and no sandfly bites. This is a miracle which means my voodoo magic is working and you'll soon be worshipping me as a goddess. 
  8. Who needs a slide anyway?
Super important dream catcher so we don't get nightmares. Bonus sexy legs.
If you're looking for a chilled out beach getaway where you can sleep and eat, Rawa is the pefect place for you! There's not that much to do there to be honest. The following are things I did: 
Took selfies
Got drunk, danced a bit, vomited, fell asleep in a hammock
Climbed a hill (Thanks to Jakie for this and the next pic)
Went for a dip in the sea. I cropped this because my friend's butt was also in the pic and I didn't want to invade her butt privacy
Disturbed the resort dog Daisy who wouldn't stay still long enough for a proper picture
Mimicked the sound of peacocks: kinda like a screaming cat
Read a book in a hammock
The resort also lends snorkeling and kayaking equipment for free, and there's a volleyball net and balls for the brave (honestly, the thought of playing volleyball in a bikini is just horrifying. There's no support for the ladies!!) and they also have a bunch of books and magazines for people to borrow. 

And if you needed more persuasion to make Rawa your next weekend getaway...
Friend time!
Some more helpful hints:
  1. You can arrange for transport from Singapore, across the causeway to the Mersing jetty with the resort if you don't already have your own transport.
  2. Bring sunblock, the sun is cray. 
  3. Get your ringgit ready because it's cash-only
  4. The resort has all kinds of food and drink and they will charge you tax or corkage for any alcohol you bring, not that they'll search your bags or anything but honesty is the best policy y'all
  5. If you have leftover alcohol, you can bring it back to Singapore but it should preferably be opened already so you won't have to pay tax for it
  6. Bring a spare change of clothes for after the ferry ride back. For some reason, the ferry that brought us back had zero cover and the driver went so fast that we were drenched by the time we reached the jetty. I ended up having to change into my pajamas for the mini-van ride back to Singapore because I had no clean dry clothes left.
Thanks for reading! I hope you'll enjoy Rawa as much as I did!