Monday, 9 March 2015

Hot air

Top: Sheinside
Skirt: ASOS

Bag: Old (Can't find anything similar but this is cool)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Shoes: Far East Plaza (Can't find similar shoes but these are kinda cool)
After spying a hot air balloon patterned dress in Kate Spade...
So cute!
I knew I had to have it... Or something like it but for way cheaper because I think the retail price of the dress is something like 600 bucks or the promise of the soul of your firstborn child. I love all the Kate Spade looks because they are so gosh darn cute. So I guess this outfit is kinda my ode to Kate Spade but for waaaaay cheaper. Saving is the new spending. 

On an unrelated note, well, semi related, because it's also about things that fly in the air. The boo turned really old recently and his friends decided it would be a good idea to gift him with a Parrot Bebop drone (I will never understand boys and their toys). 

He got this minus the snow-capped mountains. PEW!
He excitedly started flying it (he even woke up at 8am on a Saturday morning so he could fly it) in our condo's carpark area... Unfortunately, we both forgot that we live next to a government official so this caused some security concerns and we were visited by 5 police officers (and then some more came so I lost count) who came to see if we are terrorists/perverts/troublemakers (we're not intentionally any of the aforementioned).

Now, the drone can go pretty high up in the air and take some awesome aerial video footage and photos but I think in Singapore, there may be some small aircraft (if that is what it's classified as) height restrictions, and apparently filming roads near government officials' houses is a no-go so the precious drone got confiscated for further review.

So seriously, if you live in Singapore and have a drone that you might feel like flying, be totally aware of the height restrictions, the area you live in and any VIP neighbours you might have. In fact, I recommend only flying it about 5 feet off the ground and in an enclosed space, like in your room. Actually, being someone who doesn't understand these toys at all, save the thousand or more bucks you might spend on a drone and buy your girlfriend/boyfriend a nice gift instead.

Also, do not fly a drone anywhere near an airspace and never take any footage of aircraft because it's apparently big time illegal and they'll handcuff you and put you in jail. That tip was from someone I work with. I'm surrounded by criminals.

Anyway, that's just a word of caution for all you drone-owners. I'm not very sure what the law is on this whole thing honestly but I'd say tread lightly. Thanks for reading! 

*Update: The police have decided not to take any further action against the boo and will be returning his drone. YAY he is not a criminal!

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