Friday, 20 March 2015

That casual t-shirt feeling

Top: Banana Republic (Similar here)
Skirt: Moschino (Similar here)
Bag: Charles and Keith (Similar here) | Shoes: Aldo (Similar here)
Sunglasses: Karen Walker
Necklace: Twentyeight Lane | Ring: Jessica Buurman
YAY IT IS FRIDAY and I get to wear t-shirts and flats to work! 

So I was doing my usual online surfing when I chanced upon these t-shirt gems that I will absolutely not be wearing or maybe only saving for reaaaaally special occasions.

Uordhk to you too
The grammar nazi in me died. First I thought this tee was saying 'u dork' but it's not even English. Would possibly wear if I was playing quarterback number 23 in the alien species Gazorbalobblorb's annual tentacleball match against the triblorbazorbs from the planet CX678Trizorb. One can only dream.
But don't.
I dislike strangers touching me immensely so this wouldn't work so well for me. But I would totally gift this to a touchy friend so that all her needs can be met without her even saying a word. I'm just helpful like that. 

Now that's just mean
Entirely possible someone might be using this exact phrase to describe me but let's hope not. Would not wear. 

The real question is why there are so many holes in a new tee
Would not wear because we all know I ain't a teenager anymore. Obviously. 

Thanks for reading this completely pointless post. However, if you feel particularly Uordhkian today, or you need some loving, or you want to be excessively rude, then you can visit Sheinside for all these beauties and more.

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