Monday, 27 April 2015

Look book

Top: ASOS (Similar here)
Skirt: Romwe
Shoes: ASOS
Bag: Kate Spade (Similar here)
I loooove these shoes and this skirt
Earrings: Lovisa (Similar here)
You know those fashion magazines that ask people to describe their style? Respondents always say cool things like 'rock edgy with a twist' or 'eclectic with a dose of retro'. I can never think of a cool way to describe how I dress but I think I'm leaning towards 'glitter diva flamingo rainbow bomb'. Or something.

The reason why I started thinking of how I'd describe my style was because of a conversation I had with the mouse squad about buying clothes. CC mentioned that she finds shopping tedious because there's so much to go through and it's hard to narrow things down since a lot of things look decent, and she's not sure what she really needs/wants but knows that she doesn't want to spend a ton. I told her to first decide on her look, which is the key aesthetic she's going for, then check out Pinterest and fashion blogs to get inspiration and see what sort of key staples of that look she might be missing from her wardrobe.

So I decided to be helpful and highlight a few key aesthetics that you might want to consider if you haven't yet found your look.

The Angmoh Ah Lian
Pic courtesy of Idolator
You're a gutsy broad who could tear a man to shreds with your heavily diamante manicured talons and you consider your decolletage your most prized accessory. Your tan level is set to 'glitter golden'  and your makeup is heavy to match your strong personality. You're different from the regular ah lian because you speak English only.
Bustier | Hair extensions | Jeans | Nails | Heels

 Lady Soap
Pic taken from here
You sashay in and out of the room better than Naomi Campbell any day. When you're not busy scheming and manipulating, you're getting a massage by a hot masseur whom you're also having an illicit affair with. He feeds you caviar as you plot the murder of your husband. You like your martini stirred with revenge before you toss it in someone's face.
Turban | Gown | Fascinator | Gloves | Martini glass

The Harvey Dent
Pic taken from here
You're always of two minds about pretty much everything. No you're not. Yes you are. You practically invented business casual because you just didn't know how you felt but wanted the best of both worlds. Your motto is business in the front and party at the back. No it isn't. Yes it is. You celebrate the duality of life in all possible ways and while some call you fickle, you're actually the most practical since you're ready for almost every situation. Suck it haters.
Mullet | T-shirt | Pants | Swiss Army Knife | Chameleon | Heels
I hope you found this useful. Thanks for reading!

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