Sunday, 19 April 2015

The game of thrones

Top: ASOS (Similar here)
Skirt: Seven (Similar here) I feel like this skirt looks like an alien overlord called Zuul
Shoes: Charles and Keith (Similar-ish here)
Bag: DKNY (Similar here)
Sunglasses: Karen Walker | Necklace: Lovisa (Similar here)
You know how sometimes people move and they need to get rid of their old junk and they try to give it to some poor sucker who really doesn't need it? My family is that sucker. My mother, being an economical hoarder, will accept furniture that others don't want - We've had office desks and cabinets as part of our living room set up. And she's never met a cooler bag that she doesn't like. For the most part, I get that it's functional and cost-saving but my inner OCD domestic goddess was suffering. I absolutely couldn't stand that my dining room table didn't have matching chairs, but rather had these chairs of DOOM.

Pure evil
I am not exaggerating. My friend once got her toe nail kinda clipped by the leg of the chair and it BROKE the nail. There was bleeding. And fainting (me. Blood = ew). Also, the skin of my thighs would sometimes get stuck in the slats of the rubber seat which was not pleasant, it's like being pinched as you try to stand up. Basically, the chairs are not for sitting. Which defeats their whole purpose really.

So I bought new chairs! Which means I'm a grown up, because only grown ups buy furniture that's not from Ikea (no disrespect to Ikea which I love but you know what I mean right?). I got these awesome kopitiam style chairs from Gnee Hong, a magical warehouse filled with all types of chairs to satisfy all your seating requirements.

New and improved although still old school
I didn't realise how expensive furniture is. I thought I'd pay maybe 80 bucks tops per chair but when the saleslady told me it was $135 I was floored and I blurted out, 'HUHH SO MUCH!!' but she let me bargain it down and I ended up paying $113 (including GST and free delivery) so that was a bit more palatable.

Anyway, I think the real lesson to be learned here is that being a grown up is expensive and you shouldn't do it. Thanks for reading!

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