Thursday, 9 April 2015

The grumpy travel troll

Shirt: Asos (Similar here)
Pants: Matsuda (Similar here)
Shoes: Charles and Keith (Similar here)
Bag: Gracious Aires (Similar here)
These pants are SO comfy and I can probably stick a couple of chickens in them legs.
Necklace: Superspace (Ok seriously it's really difficult to find something similar but this is cool)
Sunglasses: Aldo (Similar here)
Ring: Gift from Alvin and Leona (Same here)
Don't you totally hate it when you're in the airport and you're waiting in line to go through the scanners and the guy in front of you who has been standing there for the past 10 minutes only slowly starts to remove his watch, his belt, his jacket, his shoes, his cellphone, his coins and all of his other various metallic bits from his person when he reaches the front of the queue. And finally when he's extracted every single metal bit from his body, only then does he slowly remove his laptop from its case, and his tablet from his bag and so on. I HATE IT. I mean, okay I get it, you might not be in a rush to get into an enclosed phallic shaped flying object but I really enjoy sitting down so I'm kind of in a rush. MOVE ALREADY.

But before you think this rant is a pointless one, there actually is a lesson to be learned here. Aside from the obvious - don't stand ahead of me in a queue because I'm a grumpy troll. I wear tons of accessories and I'd probably take quite a while to remove all my accessories to enable me to walk through the scanner without being subject to a body search, so here's a pro tip:

Wear as little metal as possible so you don't need to remove things. 

Thanks for reading, and you're welcome.

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