Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Travel essentials

Top: Banana republic (Similar here)
Pants: Factorie
Bag: Longchamp
Blazer: Mousie's closet (Similar here)
Sunglasses: Ray Bans
Necklace: Gift from Mousie (Similar here) | Ring: Old (Similar here)
Roomy patterned harem pants are the best for travelling in. These ones even have an elastic waistband which is great for when your stomach expands after you've had one too many in-flight meals.

I read somewhere that it's good to wear black when you travel because if you spill stuff on yourself, any stains will be less obvious. Since I read that, I think I've only ever worn black on planes because I am just the clumsiest thing ever.

These are a bunch of other super awesome things for travel that I recommend (clockwise from left)

Go on an adventure
Purple jewellery pouch: This was a gift and it is great because it's made specifically to carry jewellery. It protects delicate jewellery from potential damage while also being orderly enough inside to keep things in place.
See?? So neat!
Longchamp nylon bag: I've had this bag for years so it's a little beaten up but it's great for travel because it's light, has long shoulder straps so it's comfy to carry, can be zipped up and is foldable. I've heard some people say that you have to beware of it being slashed in the event of robbery so that's definitely something to consider but still a big yes for me. Get yours from the Longchamp section in department stores like Takashimaya, or better yet, from France, because they're way cheaper there.

These foldable Ray Ban Wayfarers are just awesome. My friend Adelle told me about them and I rushed the boo out to buy them for me and it's proven to be of real value for money. While they weren't super cheap, they protect my eyes and they fold away neatly into a cute little box. I got mine from an optical store in People's Park Centre at the great price of S$220 but if you want it delivered to your doorstep, they're also available on Zalora.

I got this bag organiser from TJ Maxx (I think) and it's great for use inside the Longchamp bag because it keeps everything in there neat and tidy. I know Muji also sells pretty decent ones although I'm sure places like Daiso would also carry them and for cheaper too.

My red Longchamp wallet was a gift from my TF4L Seaneee, and it's a nice and compact and has quite a large coin purse section which is important when you can't really recognise the currency so you have to scoop it all out to look at it. I've been using it for years so it's pretty beaten up. He should probably buy me a new one. Now.

Thanks for reading, happy travels!

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