Monday, 6 April 2015

Wipe-out pasta

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OMG you guys. I totally wiped out AGAIN. I was walking to a cafe for dinner and the floor was wet and I slipped and fell which would have been hilarious if it wasn't so goshdarn painful. And then of course the waitress in the cafe rushed out and said, 'what happened?' as I was on the floor wincing in pain. Hmm. What do you think? I'm doing my mid evening yoga obviously!!!

Anyway, more importantly was the cafe I went to for dinner - Happenstance Cafe! My colleague told me about it so I thought I would check it out. It's a spacious and quite clean (or at least cleaning-looking) dog-friendly cafe at 35 Opal Crescent. This is my first time visiting any pet cafe and aside from falling over, I'd say it was a pretty decent experience.

The good...
  1. I had the aglio olio and the boo had a cheese and tomato based pasta and both were quite yummy
  2. We had an affogato ice-cream that also rocked 
  3. The food was quite affordable, think my aglio olio cost $10 and was a good serving size 
  4. You can customise your own pasta which is great for fussy eaters
  5. The dogs were mostly all chilled out and doing their own thing when we got there so Nacho didn't turn into the raving lunatic he normally is 
  6. It was well-lit, and the patrons were generally quite considerate 
The bad...
  1. One of the waitresses appeared to be nervous/afraid of dogs. I'm not quite sure why she would choose this place of employment. Perhaps she's trying to get over her phobia but seriously she looked panicked. 
  2. Last order was at 9pm and we were a little late so they had sold out their cottage pie (for humans, dog versions still available but come on I have some standards) and their chocolate lava muffin 
  3. It's all parallel street parking and not very many so we had to go around a couple of times, and you can't just wait because it's a one lane one-way street 
  4. I think they only had one chef so the order comes one after the other rather than at the same time 
The ugly...
  1. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs, but they poop and pee at random. Which means you can be nomming away on your aglio olio and then a giant stinky turd appears under your table next to your right foot like its a gift from the heavens brought specially to you. 
Final score: I would recommend. Of course I went there on a weekday night pretty late. I imagine over the weekend it might probably turn into a doggie rave. 

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