Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Crowning glory

Shirt: Asos (Similar here)
Skirt: Seed (Similar here)
Shoes: Vincci (Similar here)
Clutch: New Look (Similar here)
Sunglasses: Aldo (Similar here)
Ring: Gift from Alvin and Leona (Same here)
So in a previous post, I told you guys I was using Kerastase shampoo and conditioner but it was pretty pricey and wasn't really doing what I hoped it would - Make my hair the 'after' shot in a hair commercial. So after I finished using it, I decided I would switch to something cheaper and on my friend's recommendation, I started using Kao's Essential haircare.

Essential smells really nice but my scalp didn't want to be friends with it. Shortly after using it, I developed dandruff and my scalp felt oily and itchy. Although it totally seems to work for my friend whose hair remains as glorious as ever. 

The search continued but I think I may have found the one...

*Sound of angels singing and harps playing*
I read a bunch of reviews that Matrix Biolage was really good so I bought the Hydrasource shampoo and conditioner when I chanced upon it at a salon in Bugis+. (You can also purchase it on Qoo10.)

The shampoo suds up quite well and gives my scalp that nice clean feeling without being overly drying. The conditioner is quite thick and makes my hair feel soft and smooth. And the company is pretty proud of the fact that they don't use parabens in their products (they say so on the bottle) so it must be a good thing.

Parabens, as per wiki, 'are a class of widely used preservatives'. I'm not normally a stickler for preservatives because I like the idea of not putting potentially moldy products onto my body, face and hair but then wiki continues to say that parabens in deodorants may or may not be linked to breast cancer which is like really inconclusive and wishy washy if you ask me, but I prefer mold over cancer of the scalp/brain/face/head/ears/anywhere so yeah.

The only downside to Matrix Biolage is that it is still a little pricey (but not as pricey as Kerastase) and it doesn't smell super fragrant. It's not bad, but it doesn't have the normal sweet floral smell that I like.

Bonus point: Matrix Biolage is owned by L'oreal and they have made a commitment not to do testing on animals unless absolutely necessary.

Bonus bonus point: This is not an ad. Thanks for reading!

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