Friday, 1 May 2015


Dress: Modcloth
Clutch: New Look (Similar here)
Shoes: Aldo (Similar here)
Have you noticed the weird flare around my stomach in all these photos?
Rings: Old (Similar here and here)
Sunglasses: Aldo (Similar here)
So I am not exactly sure why there's this ghostly white flare thingy in all my photos. I remember checking the lens for condensation and it seemed fine at the time. So this can only mean one thing - there was a ghost standing in front of me as I was getting my pictures taken. That sucks because this dress is so vibrant and cute. What the hell, ghost? Can't you give a sister a break?

Anyway, this reminds me of an awesome ghost story... Actually, quite a few, because although I'm a scaredy cat of the highest order, I still love to be told ghost stories (I'll usually be spooked out and unable to sleep which means the boo suffers too lol).

Story one
About a week after my granny passed away, my mom was playing mahjong at home. As it got pretty late, my mom let her friends, a husband and wife couple, sleep in her room, while she took the guest room. Apparently, sometime during the night, the wife awoke to find my granny in the room looking at her so she said 'hello aunty'. Think my granny vanished after that but can you imagine how confused my granny was? She probably thought my mom had done some serious plastic surgery, and found herself a man or that she had gotten the wrong address. Poor porpor!

Story two
My company organised team-building workshops in Montigo Resorts in Batam for various departments. I heard this wicked story from another colleague about one department that had gone. Apparently a bunch of women had gathered to take a group photo and when they returned to Singapore, the two ladies on the extreme right side of the photo fell terribly ill for one week without any real reason. Then someone noticed something weird about that group photo that they had taken after it was uploaded to Facebook. On the right most lady, there was a disembodied hand around her shoulder that was large (like a man's hand) and clearly didn't belong to anyone in the photo. So the suspicion is that there was an evil ghost who maybe did some bad juju to the two ladies on the extreme right of the picture hence they fell sick. I saw the actual picture and I got mad goosebumps and then immediately deleted it because GO AWAY BAD JUJU.

If those didn't creep you out, you're a robot with no feelings or you're a ghost. GO AWAY BAD JUJU! Thanks for reading!


  1. I tried very hard to wake up and sweat a lots during my sleep cos struggle to open my eyes. Luckily door bell ring and I could wake up. I am sure montigo is haunted!

    1. Whaaaaaaaaat omg. Ok that confirms it then. Montigo is super haunted. Although thankfully I stayed there with no issue.


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