Friday, 29 May 2015

Velvet love

Dress: Gift from Steph (Similar here) | Shoes: Karen Millen (Similar here) | Bag: Gracious Aires (Similar here

I am obsessed with this Korres shower-gel that my friend Angie got for me. It smells SO delicious because it's a mix of velvet orris, violet and white pepper (so says the label but I'm really just guessing here) and it's the kind of scent that lingers on the body so it feels like body wash and perfume all in one, but minus any fake and yucky chemicals that can actually cause your skin to be dry. Korres originates from Greece and the products are made from natural ingredients in recipes passed down through the generations. Another great thing is that they don't test on animals!

You smell so good
Of course Korres products are a bit more expensive than regular supermarket/pharmacy brands so being a cheapo, I squeeze just a little bit of the body wash onto my wet loofah and work it into a lather. This is great because I slough away dead skin cells while ensuring I'm not overusing cleanser. Expert saving tip lor!!

So if you're looking to pamper yourself with some awesome body wash, I seriously urge you to give Korres a try. Thaaaaaaaaaaanks.

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