Wednesday, 3 June 2015

I can see again (part 2)

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Continuing on from my last post where I had Lasik surgery/my eyeballs were abducted by aliens...

The surgery cost us about S$4000 each and I don't think we have regrets although I definitely still feel a little emotional trauma from the actual eyeball suction thing. Also, our eyeballs were a little red for about a week or two after the surgery, caused by that evil suction but it went away with no lasting effects. During the healing process of about a month or so, we weren't allowed to wear makeup around our eyes, go swimming, and rub our eyes for fear that the flap of the cornea would open and I guess we'd go blind or something.
Emo face
The night of the surgery, we went home and were given these goggles to wear to bed to protect our delicate eyeballs in case we scratched or rubbed them. We were also given 2 tubes of eye-drop antibiotic solutions and were told to stock up on Refresh eye-drops to apply at regular intervals to keep the eyes lubricated and help with the healing. The goggles came off sometime during the night because I sleep like a zombie eating brains (lots of grunting and slow but jerky movements). We were to visit Dr. Cheng again the next day and then I think a week after after which we should be more or less out of the woods.
I'm preparing for scientific experiments
Except I visited him maybe 4 times after because I kept accidentally putting sh*t in my eye. Handy tip, do not put your vitamin E oil bottle that resembles your eye drops on the bedside table with your eye drops because you will drop the vitamin E oil into your eyes and it will be oily and you will taste it and it is DISGUSTING. Also, do not let your hair dye from your DIY hair job run down your face into your eye because you will stain your face and it will sting like all hell.

Mousie suffered from the halo effect and continued to be extremely light sensitive. Even a year on, she says she's light sensitive but maybe she's just showing off. I know people who have complained of severe dry eyes but thankfully that didn't affect me that much. I think aside from my general stupidity, I didn't have any adverse effects from the surgery except poverty and fear of aliens. I think my eyesight is quite good, although I wouldn't say it's perfect. I'm pretty sure I still have light astigmatism in my right eye.

I'm happy I got Lasik done, and the more time passes, the more the memory of that extremely scary procedure fades from my mind, and I think that I would probably recommend it to others who are considering it. Dr. Cheng is a nice and attentive doctor with quite good bedside manner, although he does say 'Okay, alright' quite a lot, and in quick succession. And during the procedure, no, I was not okay, alright.

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