Sunday, 7 June 2015

Joining the rainbow parade

Top: Uniqlo | Skirt: Sheinside (Similar here) | Shoes: Old (Similar here)
Bag: Sheinside | Ring: Far East Plaza (Similar here) | Sunglasses: Pieces 

With former Olympian Bruce Jenner transitioning to her real self - Caitlyn Jenner, transgenderism has really become quite a hot topic. I recalled an article I read a while back which I found very interesting and which covered what I think would be a dream job for me. "Inside the World of Femme Coaching" is about how women are hired by transgender women who are transitioning or have transitioned from biologically male to female. In order for these new women to better navigate the world in their new femme identities, they turn to femme coaches, women who teach trans women how to display the subtle intricacies of feminine behaviour.

That is just AWESOME. And I think I would be really great at this for several reasons:
1. I am a woman both biologically and mentally. Although spiritually, I am a fire-breathing possum
2. I love to nag coach
3. I love to spend (other people's) money on things
4. I am open-minded but also good at keeping secrets
5. I am all for makeovers, makeunders and making magic

So to all you new women out there, please consider this my cover letter. I'm available and my rates are low. Also, welcome to the sisterhood.

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