Friday, 12 June 2015

Warning: lady-part related content

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I received a notice from my company's HR department and thought it deserves to be shared.
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I'm all for taking charge of your health and going for regular screenings to ensure that your body is in good working order because the thought of long-term or suffering that could have been prevented just doesn't sit right with me. The Singapore Cancer Society has this annual drive to raise awareness for women's gynaecological cancer and their campaign includes offering free pap smears at participating clinics.

I think one gripe is that I hate to pay for health care because it's not very tangible (except for actually being healthy which I think I probably take for granted most times) and so sometimes I let things slip but this basically gives me no excuse to get out there and get screened. I've already made my appointment and I hope you'll find this useful and make an appointment for yourself* or even for your loved ones.

Thanks for reading!

*In case you were wondering, this is for those with biologically female parts only.


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