Monday, 13 July 2015

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Top: H&M | Skirt: Smooch the Label | Shoes: Sophia Webster | Bag: OG (Similar here)
Sunglasses: Far East Plaza (Similar here) | Earrings: Diva (Similar here) | Ring: Vintage (Similar here)   

I'm not big on body-hugging attire mostly because while I think I'm past that whole body image disorder business, I still feel a slight pressure to suuuuuuck it all in when I'm in form fitting clothes. However, I'll make exceptions on occasion especially when the print of the skirt is super duper cute (like above).

I'm all for body positivity and being comfortable in my own skin, but I think a lot of that starts from within. I choose to eat a little more healthily these days because I know that age and metabolism are my enemies and I fight them so I know that I'll be happier in the long run.

Aside from some basic exercise, I try to eat more vegetables and fibre and cut down on food with high sugar and fat content on weekdays, while letting myself enjoy life a little (okay, a lot) on weekends.

Here are some of my suggestions for eating relatively healthier if you work in the CBD area:

Do Si Rak: So I just found out about this little joint in China Square Central but according to the owner, it's been around for more than 6 months. It offers Korean style white rice boxes in a cute little package and you just need to shake it up with the lid on to mix the delicious ingredients in. They've worked with a nutritionist to ensure each box is less than 500 calories and filled with awesome stuff. Each bowl costs about $8 to $9 but for a little extra, you can change the white rice to whole grain rice or Korean buckwheat noodles. There's limited counter style seating and I normally order the soy sesame chicken box to go.
So much yummy
It comes in cute packaging!
Shake it like a polaroid picture
Sumo Salad: This is from Raffles City so it requires some walking to get to.  It's just a stall in the basement so there isn't any seating available but they have lots of options and like most salad places, they have customisable salads but unlike most places, they also offer sumo bowls (heated quinoa, brown rice, veg, and a protein bowls) which I big time love because I prefer my food hot not cold. The salads are like $6 - $10 depending on the size of the container and the sumo bowls are only in 2 sizes (small and big) and it's $9.50 or $10.50 respectively but they really pack it in so it's quite filling. 
Sumo sumptuousness
Tofu and mix greens bowl

Munch: This salad shop is a franchise and the one I go to operates out of the food court in China Square. They have a bunch of options including sandwiches and breakfast foods but I normally stick to the 1 protein + 2 sides which costs $10.90. I normally have the John Dory fish, some quinoa (if available or brown rice) and a vegetable. They have a lot of options but of course they add up of you like a lot of variety. Since it's in a food court, seating is available but it gets crowded during lunch hours.
I didn't eat both meals
109 Yong Tau Foo: Mousie introduced me to this joint along Circular Road and it is motherfreaking delicious I think they put drugs and voodoo magic into this soup (Or possibly just MSG). I usually pick about 8 pieces and minimally three of which will be vegetables. They have this killer fried beancurd skin which they fry before putting into the soup but obviously if you're trying to be clean, you should forgo that. But you'll regret it. Because it is dynamite.I don't order any rice or noodles but rather just eat the pieces and drink the soup. The place gets really crowded but there is an air-conditioned upper level to sit at as well as lower level tables outdoors (which I only recommend if you don't perspire or you don't care if you perspire).
So many options!
Fried beancurd get into ma belly
The Healthy Society: This little cafe at Clifford Centre is tucked away at the corner on the second floor but it's probably quite well known because it gets pretty crowded. It doesn't have that much seating and they really cram you in there but for a set meal of a soup, a (small) salad and a main for between $9 - $14, it's quite worth it. You can choose between brown rice or lemony spaggies (which is honestly a stupid sounding abbreviation for 'spaghetti') to accompany your main protein. I almost always choose the Coriander Dory but I also really enjoy the over roasted chicken. The soup is usually a soup of the day so you don't get a choice but usually it's decently yummy.
Aight, so those were my top 5 healthier options for the CBD area. I hope you're feeling hungry.

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