Monday, 6 July 2015

Minty fresh

Blazer: Borrowed from Mousie (Similar here) | T-shirt: Zara (Similar here) | Jeggings: Padini (Similar here)
Necklace: Twentyeight Lane (Similar here) | Ring: Vincci (Similar here) | Clutch: New Look (Similar here) | Shoes: Rock Candy (Similar here


We all experience periods differently but mine usually turns me into a ravenous sulky beast for about a week before it hits, then I’m a crampy bloated pizza face for the duration of it. Oh, also, I get dandruff. This is the worst because I tend to wear a lot of black when I'm on my period and it becomes really obvious that my head is turning into a flaky puff pastry.

Anyway, I mentioned before that I use Matrix Biolage shampoo and conditioner but now, to combat the head snow, I’ve started using Matrix Biolage Scalp Sync antidandruff shampoo when I'm on my period. It is GREAT. The shampoo is a little bit minty, but it has quite a subtle smell so it doesn't feel like I've rubbed mint leaves on my head. It makes the scalp feel cool and tingly which is really refreshing and perfect to wake me up in the morning. I recommend you try it, whether you have dandruff or not. 
Nacho recommends it (but I don't use it on him)
Anyhoodle, I can't stay long. I've gotta go wash my hair. Ciao for now. Thanks for reading!


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