Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Say ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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I hate visiting the dentist. Sorry Dr. Chin. No offense but I just really really really don't like being prodded in the mouth while a suction thingy makes my feel like gagging. I don't think anyone really enjoys a dental scaling all that much (unless they're crazy weird) but a good dentist and nice dental practice makes a huge difference.

I go to T32 Dental Centre every 6 months like the well behaved child that I am. It's located at Camden Medical Centre which is so convenient - you could go in for a dental scaling and come out with a new face by Woffles Wu if you so please.

There are several reasons why I like T32:
A few days before my scheduled appointment, the receptionist will call to remind me. This is helpful because I always forget things.
'Come here. We do things to your mouth'
They are super organised - when you come in for your appointment, the receptionists will greet you cheerfully and inform you to wait in the waiting lounge. When it's all over, you go to yet another desk to make payment. My OCD spider sense is tingling.
Greetings! Reception counter on the right
Lounge here in the waiting lounge
The waiting lounge is fancy pants. They have a wine fridge and free drinks and they have art hanging on the walls and fancy chairs to sit in and music plays softly. It's almost like a hotel lobby. 
Free drinks!
WINE LEH. Excuse me front desk, can I order takeaway?
Fancy art + fancy high chairs = HIGH CLASS
They're very very punctual. I don't think I've ever had to wait longer than 5 minutes in the lounge before being escorted by the nurse into one of the rooms for the dental procedure. 
Come here and get comfy
As it's on the penthouse level of Camden, it's got a killer view which is nice when you really can't do much else when your mouth is being drilled into and all you want to do is swallow really hard.
Awesome view. Think happy thought. Think happy thoughts
Dr Chin has really good bedside manner and explains everything he does before doing it so you don't think that you're the guinea pig of some mad scientist's experiment. Thankfully he doesn't keep talking and asking random questions that you feel obliged to answer while his fist is jammed in your mouth. I had a dentist who did that and all my answers were like 'mrrrrffhhhhmmmmrrrhhhhh'. Like seriously dude. Bonus: Dr. Chin is handsome!
6-eyed alien but still HAMSUM!
They believe in technology. They've got screens in each of the rooms which unfortunately is not for TV watching but rather for you to stare at the X-rays of your mouth so you can remark on how many fillings you had. Deep candy-induced shame spiral happens here but come on, it's the future yo.
It only takes about 30 minutes and I'm done with the dental scaling, I have a nice clean mouth and I'm still alive thankgodI'mstillalivehallelujah!!!
Always a good time for a selfie.
Anyway, if you're looking for a nice place to get your mouth cleaned, I highly recommend T32!

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